Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Bobcat Edition

Definitely embiggen these photos. You will be glad you did.

1. Soon after we saw the bobcat on the trail right in front of us, Roger whistled very lightly. It turned to look at us.
2. Then, we all headed down the trail together. Bobcat ahead of us, unwary.
3. I whispered, Hello bobcat, very quietly. It turned and looked at us again.
4. We watched it leave the trail, turn right and walk into the meadow, heading off into some tall grass and bushes. (If you click on this pic, you'll see the Santa Cruz boardwalk in the distant background. Roller coaster is off to upper right. This is why most people come to Santa Cruz.)
5. Suddenly the bobcat pounced quickly on something in the bushes.
6. With hardly any obvious effort it had burrowing ground squirrel in its mouth.
7. It walked off to enjoy its lunch. We continued down the trail.
8. Yes, we know we are very lucky.

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