Monday, March 09, 2009

whose reality

i had intended to write a post defending my existence. coaxed as i was by robin's friday post to do so. is the lower case presentation enough? too easy eh.

my mood changed sunday afternoon. we went to see a friend whom i have known all his life. the adult son of friends whom i have known for more than forty years. i knew all their children as babies. robin has known them for twenty years. this particular son was at his parent's house recuperating from his second brain surgery in three months. the first took out a melanoma tumor. the second surgery followed seizures he had two weeks ago. he also has inoperable tumors near his heart and will soon begin treatment for those.

he looks fairly good. he's tired of course. the prognosis for melanoma is not the best, but he is ready to proceed. he has a very strong attitude.

i know that many people have friends in such dire straits. this is my first who is younger than i a lot.

we love him.

the picture shows two of robin's favorite things....toast and me. she has been playing with photobooth on her mac. it uses the built-in camera. we still exist. the toast does not.

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