Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wordless Wednesday: The Butterfly Edition

The Santa Cruz mountain trails are full of these beautiful, spring-time colorful, butterflies and more.

Our best guesses for these beautiful creatures:
1. California Tortoiseshell
2. Mylitta Crescent
3. Duskywing
4. Western Lady

5. Azure

UPDATE: We thank you so much for all the thoughtful, encouraging, and loving comments you left on our previous post. The latest information is this: The real estate agent, the one representing the bank-owned foreclosed property we made the offer on, asked for a "proof of funds." We complied and were delighted with that development, which we took to mean that they took our offer somewhat seriously. We are very excited, but still holding back the floodgates of pure ecstatic joy.

We'll keep you posted. Ah, spring gardening.

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