Wednesday, April 15, 2009

The Latke Eaters' Impetuous Dream

I was going to write a post that sounded like this:

Hello, the blog you have reached is out of service and there is no new blog. If you think you've reached this blog in error, please hang up and try again.

or this:

Hi, you've reached Roger and Robin. We aren't updating the blog right now, but if you leave us a comment after the beep, we'll try to think of something to say as soon as we can. Thanks for calling...
We're floating. Off in our own little world.

We had a day last week without landline, cellphone, or internet service. It suited us perfectly in many ways. Someone had intentionally cut several A T & T fiber optic cables throwing three California counties into virtual black holes. It was, coincidentally, the day we had finally decided to write another offer on the house that we have been so freakin' ambivalent about. We have become desperate about finding a home, now that it is SPRINGSPRINGSPRING. So, we went back, looked again, and decided that we could maybe in our darkest moments put up with a house that has mind-numbingly negative feng shui. But then we found ourselves on a day without a single way to communicate that desire whatsoever, an impetuous dream suspended. I am not a reader of tea leaves, but I kept thinking that if I were to interpret this communication void that we found ourselves in, I would say that the entire universe had conspired to shout at us: DON'T BUY THAT HOUSE.
Well, we ignored all that and wrote an offer anyway the very next day. Desperate times call for drastic measures, right? Once we sent that offer in, we started to have second thoughts. Could we really make a go of it? What if Countrywide actually accepted our offer, that lifeless box with a roof would be ours. Oh shit. But Countrywide in its glorious, infinitely selfish wisdom countered us at full price.
They gave us a huge spectacular out, for which we joyously spread our wings, flew right through and never looked back.

So we went for a celebratory walk in the mountains and found beautiful damsel- and dragonflies out and about. We had a picnic of homemade potato latkes and applesauce in a fantastically quiet meadow. The clouds drifted slowly by, while the breeze fanned the tall spring grasses and purple lupines at our feet.

Such a joy is ours.

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