Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Massachusetts Kits

I like imagining if we could ask them where they live, and if they could answer, would simply say "here." Yet, I still introduce them to you as the kits from Massachusetts, photographed by the very wonderful photographer CCorax, who often leaves us delightful comments on this blog.

In her email, CCorax wrote: At 1:15, I went back out and as I approached I saw a kit at the den. She saw me as well and began to make a quiet barking-chirping sound. I didn't understand what it meant, but I figured I should respond before she took fright... (snip)...then when she settled moved slowly again, I was able to make my way to the tripod at the fence and put the camera in it without her slipping into the den. Along the way, her siblings came out, but they were more shy and hid briefly, while she stayed out.

I was able to take about twelve to fourteen shots through the undergrowth. There are three kits this year. They're very restless, in constant motion, in and out of the den. The fearless one watched me the most and stayed out the most (and chomped on sticks and generally was more engaged with the world than her siblings). Eventually they slipped into the den for good, so I left, tripod in hand.

I'm never really sure how something this wild and beautiful can still live among us, after all we have done to make the earth inhospitable for them, but they do. We are grateful every time for their presence, their wildness, their absolute instinctive ability to be themselves.

A heartfelt thanks to CCorax for sharing these photos and story with us, making this insane world a little sweeter, a little smaller, a little better.

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