Friday, May 22, 2009

San Francisco Bound

It's been a busy week. Family stuff. Real estate stuff. All that stuff of life. Today we are driving up to San Francisco to have dinner with Elena (Roger's youngest) and her partner Jimmy, and his WHOLE family, plus Roger's ex and her two wonderful children. Jimmy is graduating from San Francisco State this weekend, and Friday night's dinner is a celebration of that milestone.

Here's the cool thing about driving up to San Francisco for dinner: We get to drive up the coast. Seventy miles of beautiful country side. We'll pass Ano Nuevo where the elephant seals come to mate. We'll drive by at least three state parks. It's pretty the whole way.

When we get there, we're having dinner at Metro Katmandhu. Imagine that. A little piece of Nepal right there in the city.

Jimmy has been accepted to graduate school already. He's planning on studying to become a special education teacher. He's really quite a guy, and we're just so happy to be heading up to the city to drink a toast to his dreams.

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