Monday, May 11, 2009

Home Alone Together

We're trying to resume our very lazy, laid-back dharma lives. After my eight days back at the university filling in for my former supervisor, and Roger's week-long family reunion, we are not quite floating pelican-like in current synchronicity. On Mother's Day we spent long hours just staring out at the sea. The house was quiet. Quiet. No one needed our attention. Everyone was gone, a day early. A reprieve granted by the heavens.

It occurred to me over the past few days that I have some questions for you: For those of you who work and maintain blogs--how do you do it? Between work and the family reunion, I didn't just not have time to blog, I didn't even keep up with my favorite bloggers. How do you keep up? What's your secret? Also, I noticed that my RSS feed completely lied, convincing me there were no updated posts on a few blogs. What's up with that? And, why do I never have the camera with me when we walk across the train trestle and the Violet Green Swallows come to rest on the fencing wire? It just ain't fair.

Tired, and that hardly describes it.

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