Monday, June 15, 2009

Another Glimpse of a Whale

Nothing makes a splash like a whale coming down into the water after breaching. The displaced water can be seen from miles and miles away. The size of that splash always catches my eye. This whale was quite far out, at least as far as the one we saw last Sunday. Not even close enough to see without binoculars, but enough for the camera zoomed in at 18x digital to catch its tail. (You'll have to click to see it.)
The hills and valleys in the background are where Roger and I have been looking to buy land. You can see that it's still pretty and green back there. It won't be in another few weeks. By then it will have become those proverbial golden, rolling hills of California.
For us there's just something about good farm land and whales that makes the right combination. We've added humpbacks and grays to our talismanic desires, like bobcats and coyotes that have become necessary elements of a good life. We hold on to these glimpses as a precious balance to the riotous whacked-out insanity of a world that clobbers us senseless almost everyday. We need this for that.

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