Monday, June 01, 2009

On(going) Static

We have static on our phone line. So, our dsl has crapped out on us. I waited home last Tuesday for twelve hours, and ATT did not show. They can't even give us a more reasonable time frame, say morning, afternoon or evening. Nope. Somehow it is impossible for them to look at their schedule and determine if our name is first or last or somewhere in between, and make a rough estimation. That's simply too difficult a task in our 21st century lives. So, I'm posting this from a unsecured wifi connection that belongs to one of our neighbors. Hey, neighbor, thanks much.

Right now we miss the woods. This beautiful Caspian Tern lifts our spirit, but only so much. In the background not much beyond the splendid curve of those magnificent wings is a tourist town that leaves us full of longing for the things that shell necklaces and tee-shirts simply cannot fulfill. Sigh.

Supposedly on Monday between 8:00 AM and 8:00 PM the ATT wizards will come and do their magic. Do we believe that they will show? What do you think?

UPDATE: They came at 10:30 and fixed it! The problem was a bad wire that was their responsibility to repair. Woohoo. We can use our telephone and have our DSL back. Oh folks, let me tell you it's the little things in life. It's the little things.

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