Monday, July 13, 2009

More Sea Lion News

The local news has been full of stories about our California sea lions. They're hungry and dying on our shores. We hear them at night barking and barking. It's never quite been like this.
The other day I noticed one climb up on to a dinghy tied to an anchored sailboat. I grabbed the binoculars and watch a few more hop on board. They stayed there for several days. I kept a watchful eye on them, knowing that sooner or later they would be ousted from their resting spot.
On Sunday, while I was busy doing household chores, the sailboat owners came and displaced those forlorn beasts. I didn't get to see how they were compelled to leave. The dinghy was empty while a crew of four spent the afternoon in the sailboat basking in the California sea and sun.

I had hoped once they left, the sea lions would return and rest easy in their safe place, but by Sunday evening the dinghy was still empty.

We'll keep you posted.

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