Thursday, August 20, 2009

The Good Rescue

We looked out the window and could see the wharf covered with these bright red (and yellow) fliers. During dinner we guessed at what the text might be and settled on a warning about red tides, harmful algae blooms, and domoic poisoning. We thought it would make an interesting post, especially a look at harmful algae blooms and their history. So, we walked down to the wharf to photograph the fliers and found this text instead. We were surprised.
And, as luck and timing would have it, we caught the local boat and bait shop guy rescuing this brown pelican. (To answer C Corax's question: Yes, it had been tangled in fishing line.)
We'd actually like to see the wharf closed right now. As one of the marine mammal rescue people said to me, we humans can find food anywhere, the pelicans and sea lions have only this.
How true, how very true.
We were delighted to see this successful rescue. But not enough to make us change our minds about the wharf and fishing.

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