Monday, September 28, 2009

Between Here and There

There are 225 miles between Santa Cruz and Nevada City, a three-thousand foot climb in elevation the last few miles. We rented this 17-ft U-Haul, towed our car, and drove those miles on Friday. Roger did almost all of the unloading while I set up some kind of home base in the kitchen and master bedroom. We discovered upon arrival that the house we rented does not come with a refrigerator. A disappointing realization because the only large appliance we sold before we left Humboldt County last September was our refrigerator. We have never bought or rented a place that didn't have a fridge. So life there is like camping out, no matter how modern the house, when we're left with just our Coleman cooler.
This backyard also reminds us of camping. It looks like most of the campsites we've ever happily pitched a tent. This is our yard for the next six months while we search for a home and land. The squirrels and deer seem to like it here very much. Some animal I've never heard before sang a tune here in the dead darkness of night on Saturday. I listened to it as it crossed the yard, and I only knew it was moving as its call became fainter and fainter. Maybe in the coming rains and snow we'll find some tracks to give us a clue. The neighbors tell us that there are coyotes. We can't wait to hear them. This creature was definitely not a coyote, but a delightful mystery.
On the road covering those miles between here and there, we stop at this vista point with an overlook at the Carquinez Strait. It's a good place to rest half way between the sea and the Sierras. We always pack a lunch and take a look around. Lately the temps have been in the high 90s, but the dragonflies are still out and about, watching the traffic, or something.

We're tired. Another, final trip looms later this week.

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