Monday, October 05, 2009

Here and Now

I haven't downloaded any photos in over a week (except for this one of Bonsai checking out the young buck in the yard). There's been no time to take long looks at anything. Life moves quickly, drawing everything in blurred lines like an impressionist painting of life, and not life itself. Two 17 ft U-Haul truck moves, and everything we have ever collected and didn't finally discard in a fit of moving fatigue is now with us. All under one roof. We have our big cushy couch and wide recliner. We even have cable TV. My heart broke a little when I saw The O'Reilly Factor on our TV listings. We haven't had cable or satellite for over year, I had forgotten such crap is really broadcast over the wires. We haven't been paying any attention to the online news sites for weeks. We have even given up on our favorite political bloggers. The emails keep coming, though. Call Congress for the Public Option. Don't give up on Health Care. The battle is not yet over.

I think we have come to the mountains because we suspect the biggest battles really are over. We have come to where there is enough sunlight to generate solar power, where there is enough collectible rainfall in winter to grow a life-sustaining garden in summer, and where there is enough of a community to maintain a social structure while the larger society falls apart.

It's hot here for many months of the year. We're going to learn to live where it's relatively inhospitable (for a wuss like me). It's something we're all going to have to face in the future, whether you accept the climate is changing, or not. We're just taking it on now.

Life is serious at the moment.

(Don't forget to click on the pic of Bonsai. He's definitely in his kitty cat element.)

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