Monday, December 14, 2009

Rain Rain and More Rain

For all of the 21 years that Roger and I have been together, we've lived where average yearly rainfall totals were never more than 20 inches (and that would have been a good year). Now that we're here in the Sierra foothills, we've moved to where the total average rainfall is twice as much. Right now, it looks like we've struck it rain rich and with no let up in sight. We may be seeing the first signs of El Nino since 1998, and damned if it's not right on schedule. NOAA said December, and December it is.

We're talking rain. Days and days of it without end. It amazes me how many people complain about it too. I always ask if they haven't noticed that we actually need the rain? That California is bone dry and shriveling into dust? Yes, it's annoying. But we can't go out and romp in eternal blissful sunshine, and sustain life, can we?
You would not believe the local news. A few inches of rain and you'd think we'd been invaded by martians. Hello, TV news broadcasters, it's only rain. Really, don't be afraid, and quit scaring your viewers. You don't have to stand in a puddle to show us how wet it is. You don't have to pick up snow and toss it to show us that it's snowing. You don't have to treat us like infantile boobs. You could tell us how much rain has actually fallen. How, or if, it deviates from averages. You could, you know, report the actual weather news.

Yes, it's raining, and we desperately need it. Now, get over it. Since when did we become such babies? Anyone remember?

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