Thursday, June 03, 2010

Pictures From The Pond

Now that the temperatures have finally moved into somewhat normal range, we're starting to see more insects out and about (and luckily not close to the poison-zone around the house). This makes us very happy. Most of the action takes place down by the pond. So, we moved a picnic bench down there and just sit and watch.
We're seeing a lot of dragonflies. This one skims the top of the pond for food. A rather handsome fellow, a Common Whitetail.
We're also seeing damselflies flying around or hanging about together while otherwise engaged.
The thing that caught my eye though, and made me look at bugguide for hours was this beautiful orange moth. Still no ID on this one, but what a strikingly brilliant orange moth it is. I wish it would have unfolded its wings, but it sat quite still for a long time just like this.

The field around the pond is full of tall grasses that we are letting go to seed. The variety is quite surprising and I can see that we're going to spend time learning how to ID them as well. Don't be surprised if you see photos of grasses soon. It's the kind of thing that thrills us now!

I've posted most of these photos already on Facebook, but I like having them here on the blog for the recorded history of our new home, and for our friends who are not on Facebook to take a look.


  1. Great posts. Love going through your blog

  2. I love watching insects and dragonflies are my favorites. I like the damselflies too but they pull back their wings when resting and therefore good wing shots require their being in motion. It's easy to spend hours doing it and I think it's emotional time well spent. There is something mythic about the dragonflies especially.

  3. Another great post and I love your photos as always along with the information -- I always learn something new and that's always good! Have a lovely weekend! Enjoy!


  4. We don't see many damsel flies around here, so I enjoy your photos!

  5. I read your blog more than I do Facebook, so I'm glad you posted them. Your new place sure is keeping you bizy watching the wildlife. :)

  6. love your photos Robin and that is a very fancy moth! :0

  7. Ponds are endlessly fascinating.

  8. Bugs. I'm secretly rather dubious about bugs-- grew up in Florida where I had lots of practice-- but that orange moth is divine.

    Re: here vs Facebook, are you shifting venues? Yikes.

  9. are the bugs more active in the am and pm times? or all day through, even in extreme heat? As long as bugs don't bite, I'm down with them! I'll be sure to bring my Eppy pen for bee stings when I come.

  10. I think you ID-ed your moth correctly on FB. :-) I also like those damselflies holding hands better than the one with the guy clenching her head as a form of foreplay. Poison-zone, hello! The veggies are wildly invested with beetles! Do I share? Or do I spray? Hmmmm...

  11. Didn't know you had a pond. How wonderful. Such a wealth of life a pond will support. Happy viewing.

  12. I didn't see this post last week! I'm just back from a few days on the North Shore.

    Isn't watching damselflies and dragonflies a joy?

    Bug Guide is the best! You can post your queries there if you don't find your moth in the listings.

    There are also some other sites I've found for moth identification:

    and this:

    That said, your moth looks like a cute little hippy moth to me. Utterly adorable!