Friday, August 06, 2010

the right place

shortly after we moved into our newly purchased house fedex delivered a large package clearly addressed to us with only a return address of home depot. we opened the package and found a very nice unassembled teak garden bench. following the well done directions i soon had a fine bench sitting in the garage. we did get a message from a dear friend in santa cruz admitting that it was she who sent us such a fine housewarming present. we didn't yet have the garden where we wanted to put the bench so it sat in the garage for 2 months while we were distracted by clearing some trees and then cancer.

we had moved a backless bench down to the pond to sit on and contemplate bugs and fishes. then we realized that the teak bench would be much more comfortable. daughter indigo carried it down for us on my birthday.

the closest house to us is a family vacation house. the generation in their fifties has been coming here since they were teenagers. two of the brothers come here more often than others. they were here last weekend. they picked blackberries and made us a pie.


  1. Good neighbors, good friends and a nice pond. That's an awesome post!

  2. Life is good!

  3. gorgeous bench! delicious-looking pie! such a lovely spot, and glad to see you out admiring things.

  4. Wonderful bench. Beautiful pie. Terrific neighbours. You ought to keep them!

  5. Mmmm. Pie...and a nice bench to sit and eat a slice of it!

  6. Nice spot to sit and pie? I am so there!

  7. bench warmer = bun warmer. It's a lovely bench and you've got it in the perfect spot. And a good strong daughter who put it there.

    And the pie, oh my. Me want some.

  8. It is indeed the right place. I expect the two of you will spend a lot of time there reflecting.

  9. Beautiful peaceful photo. Yes. The right place.

    Oh me, Oh my
    Love that country pie (-:

  10. Beautiful.

    I'm chuckling over "bonus pie picture" in all caps :-)

  11. What a neat daughter and what a good friend to have sent it in the first place.
    Think I would rest my buns there a lot. How peaceful. A great spot to heal.
    Neighbors who feed us are the best.
    Keep enjoying.

  12. A lovely sitting spot Roger - hope you had a nice long sit!

  13. Hey, you guys are stealth posting?! How come I didn't see this on Friday?!

    What a wonderful house warming gift that was! From someone who knows you well--knew that you value quiet time in contemplation of what makes us whole.

    That pie...I'm just plain jealous. That's a well-filled pie! Yum!

    How good to be enfolded in the love of friends and family.

  14. Great blogsite guys, love the photos.

    I am a friend of saren's in Toowoomba, Australia (

    Rob Ashdown

  15. What a lovely bench!! the pie looks terrific!