Thursday, September 23, 2010

365 Million Miles

Here is a photo we took of Jupiter orbiting 365 million miles from Earth. There's something crazy about looking up into the sky and seeing this shining orb and knowing that it is the LARGEST planet in our solar system. We took a look at it through our little binoculars and saw three moons. THREE MOONS! There we were looking at our harvest moon and three of Jupiter's moon, and were incredibly delighted by this one night on earth.
So, we waved good bye to summer and hello to Jupiter on the same night. Are we lucky, or what?

In other news, Roger is on his week off from chemo. He has a rash that his oncologist thinks is not a side effect, but an allergic reaction. He's going back to see the doc on Monday when he will determine if Roger can proceed with his second set of treatments or go on to another protocol. In the meantime, we have been to the "big city" to get my computer fixed. The wonderful young man who worked with us admired my desktop photo (it's the new header on the blog). I showed him a pic of one of the bobcats we've photographed. He told us when he's not working the help desk at Apple he's an NFL photographer for the Oakland Raiders. And not only that, he's from my home state of New Jersey. We shook hands. What more can I say? I gave him so many people, I think he must have given me Joe Montana. Ha ha! Life is funny.


  1. All in all it can be a small world. So, are you going to take your new camera to the sidelines of an Oakland game?

  2. Wow, that guy has a varied skill set!

    I've never heard of an allergic reaction to chemo, but I guess you can be allergic to any meds you take (me, for example, penicillin). Yes, he' gotta get on something else.

    Glad your mac is back in prime condition - now get back to work!

  3. Sure hope they get roger on the right treatment. We all are affected differently.
    How neat that the computer guy worked for NFL. Did you feel Joe? Never thought of a hand shake like that before.

  4. Did you doctor mention that some of the oral chemo drugs can make you very photosensitive so that you get rashes or even something like a sunburn if you go out in bright sunlight? That's a fairly common side effect to many of those drugs, so worth checking into if you haven't already.

    How neat about Jupiter. A couple of nights ago, I was outside with the dogs at about 3 a.m. and there was Orion, taking up a large patch of the south sky in my garden. I will see him over the garden in Arizona all winter, so it's almost like he was dropping by to remind me that it's time to get on the road.

  5. Hope Roger gets is allergy worked out. Glad your Mac is back!

    great photos too!

  6. Wow, I'm thrilled to at least have looked at that moon second-hand; sweet photo. And Jupiter, as a bonus!
    Rashes are a pain, and tricky to figure out, but you guys will get this straightened out.
    Enjoy the first autumnal weekend, although I have been feeling it started a while ago up here...

  7. Moons of Jupiter through binocs?
    I had no idea.

  8. What a lovely photograph of the moon. And what an outstanding night viewing for you. Fingers crossed for Roger and positive thoughts for you both.

  9. gorgeous photos!

    i'll second bev on chemo photosensitivity. but it sounds like the doc is already trying to distinguish normal side-effects from allergic reactions. i remember at least one relative having benadryl as part of the protocol, to take down inflammatory responses. good luck with next week, roger!

  10. p.s. -- i love the idea of collecting handshakes!

  11. The photos tell a wonderful story about the earth we live on, don't they? What a gift you have to be able to see such sights from your backyard. We've lost more and more of the sky as development and its attendant light pollution have throttled this area. What distinguishes humans from other species is our endless inventiveness for polluting.

    Chemo's tough enough without being allergic. I hope the rash problem gets sorted out quickly.

    Don't laugh, but who's Joe Montana?

  12. Like these....pretty good that you were able to get the moon's of Jupiter with your camera. The shot of the moon with the pines is wonderful!