Thursday, October 14, 2010

Leaf Frogs and Other Things

I've posted most of these photos (not this sunflower and praying mantis, though!) on Facebook, but I really wanted our blogging friends (who are not on Facebook) to see this stuff too. Sometimes I think we should just do all our posting here, and then link to it there. I find the whole dual existence a bit disconcerting. I think blogging requires more thought than Facebook, and I guess most of the time I really don't feel like thinking. The randomness of status updates and idle chatter there suit my desire to mostly say nothing.
Still, things are happening here everyday. Roger is on day 11 (of 14) of his second (of eight) rounds of chemo and doing fantastically well. We are sincerely and seriously grateful everyday that he feels so good. He's been busy planning where to put the sauna and starting the online search for a good sauna heater. We need that completed before winter hits, but the weather has been so incredibly excellent that winter seems like a thing so distant it's hard to conceive of it as real.
These little Pacific Tree Frogs have really caught our attention lately. We like heading down to the pond just to see in what little secret hideaway spot we're going to find them next. It's always a delight to notice their beautiful striped eyes peeking at us from some crazy, unexpected place. These guys are really tiny things. Their littleness cannot be conveyed in photos, and I just don't think they'll tolerate a ruler for comparison. Roger says they're about a half inch.
It's hard to imagine that it's been only six months since we moved into our house. We are watching the sun and trying to guess just how low behind the lanky tall pines it will be on solstice. Our raised beds are planted, and we are dreaming of kale, chard, onions and garlic. We laugh about how happy such a future makes us. We are simply giddy about greens and frogs; sunflowers and praying mantis; and life is good.


  1. Your post made me smile. The joy you get from the simple things is delightful and I feel the same way. It truly doesn't take much to make me smile or laugh out loud and just be grateful to be alive in a beautiful place and with a camera and my dog! Life is good! Hope you both have a wonderful weekend! Such good news, too, about Roger! So glad he's doing so well! Hugs to you both!


  2. man, that new camera is da BOMB! Love the photos, both on FB and your blog. The sunflower and mantis - wowie.

    So glad Roger is tolerating the second round of chemo. I am much relieved!

    Your days are an inspiration -- love to see what's up with the Chanin-Mack household. Keep on keeping on, kiddos!

    Word verifcation: ovetagn. Sounds Swedish. Or Norwegian. Or somesuch thing.

  3. Can't tell you how happy I am to hear about Roger's fantastic progress and the delight that you are both taking in your new surroundings.

    The little frog nestled in his hammock made me smile!

    I'd love some ideas about how to prepare kale and chard. My attempts have been dismal :(

    How is Bonsai? Adapting well to the change?

    Love to you all!


  4. Smiling here also with the wonderful news about roger. Just thrilled that it is going so well and is almost over.
    Thank you for thinking of us Facebook impaired friends. Can't quite make that leap.
    Love your little frogs and am so glad you have your raised beds in order. Enjoy those veggies and your lovely home.

  5. excellent! love the photos, and that life is so good. and that roger's doing great!

  6. Wow! SO many positive things. And you don't go to church. Hallelujah!

  7. Thank you for sharing your joy of living!

    Now I'm remembering the sound of Pacific Tree Frogs singing, but that must have been in the spring of 1973 ... (-:

  8. The sauna sounds good. We inherited one when we bought the place where we live now, and I find it very healing. Can almost feel the toxins leave the body. Glad to hear good news of Roger's treatments.

  9. Ha ha. Your delightful attitude of life happily rolling on reminds me of Jeff who called himself Mr. Lucky. I am glad for you.

    The frogs are enchanting little creatures. A half inch is tiny. All the photos are great. I like this blog better than facebook. I can't keep up with FB. It's too rapid for my life style.

    It sounds like you are taking good care of all the neccessary parts of your health.

    I miss you.


  10. Oops. I'm reading about a praying mantis picture and looking at the pictures and not seeing it. Hmmmmm Ohhh. There it is.


  11. Fun, frog-filled future feels fine!
    Have a swell weekend.

  12. The news about Roger is fantastic. That alone must make the days seem brighter! And bright they are: sunflowers in bloom still! Praying mantises (mantids, mantes...) still out and about! Beautiful frogs as demure and lovely as Geishas!

    Thanks for not abandoning those of us who haven't ventured into the world of Crackbook. Your photos are a bright spot in my day.

  13. Hi Robin - great photosandpost! My blog is a part of Networked Blogs. Check it every blog I post automatically shows up on Facebook as well- so I am talking to both groups at once, and it works out well. I don't have to do anything special (except sign up for free and copy/paste some code) Justa thought.
    Happy weekend.

  14. Oh what a great post! I am enjoying the wonderful photographs of your world of beauty. And the fact that you find so much of it to share.

    And I am so happy that Roger is doing well.

    Yes, life is good and all of us must be grateful.

  15. absolutely beautiful frogs! Who knew? They would make a superb children's book illustration :)

  16. I love the pacific tree frogs. The photos taken with your new camera are terrific. A few years ago, I stayed at a place where there were pacific tree frogs all over the vegetation growing up the outside walls of the house. I kept finding them in the shower. Funny little characters.

    Glad that roger continues to tolerate the chemo so well. It's terrific when it doesn't interfere with your general health.

    Yes, get that sauna fixed up before winter sets in. It will be interesting to see what the first winter is like at your new home.