Sunday, October 24, 2010


How is that 7.52 inches of rain can come down in 24 hours, and you can't see a drop of it here in this photo? It was pouring. POURING. My twin brother and SIL arrived at the Amtrak Train Station in Sacramento Saturday at 12:55 pm. When we all piled into the car, it started to rain. It literally rained the entire time they visited with us. It rained and rained and rained. It was never not pouring. I felt like I was in Ken Kesey's novel Sometimes A Great Notion. The weather was an entity that exerted its influence everywhere. We each took turns walking out into it. We wrapped up in every bit of rain gear we had in the house and still got wet. Sometimes it pounded on the skylights. Sometimes it just quietly dripped off the gutters. Sometimes the wind bent the smallest trees to the ground. Sometimes branches fell and puddles turned into ponds.

In October the average rainfall for Grass Valley is 2.72 inches. We got nearly 3 times that amount in 24 hours. The earth was quenched. We were drenched. Weather. It was everywhere.


Roger had a great week off from his chemotherapy. His blood tests were completely normal. The oncologist said, "You get an A+ in the Oncology Department." He starts up again on Tuesday.

All the frogs disappeared on the same day. We went down in the rain to show them to Michael and Kim and there was not a single one to be seen. How is that possible? Don't they like the rain? Were they hiding? Where? Gone.

One of our three resident praying mantises, that we had been watching for three weeks, died on Sunday.

Life goes on for some and not for others.

How are you?


  1. Doing well here. It's windy and rainy tonight but nothing like your 7.52 inches. It may rain a lot in the Pacific Northwest but rarely very much at a time.

    Saw a Flicker standing in the middle of a quiet street this morning around 9 a.m., not far from downtown Bellingham. It looked at me in my car and then flew to a fence and looked at me again. I stopped to look, too. It made me smile.

    Great to hear about the A+!!!!

  2. Doing well here as well, Robin! That's such terrific news regarding Roger! A+! Fantastic! As for the rain, that's amazing. It's raining here now, but it's the usual -- as AM wrote, for the northwest. But fall is definitely here!! Hope you both have a wonderful week!


  3. We got some really heavy rain here and are glad to see it as it has been quite dry. This afternoon we had thunder, lightning and wind along with some drenching downpours. We had driven up from Medford in it and the rain seemed to be in patches with some really heavy spots and then dry. It is nice to see the worries over fire ending and our pastures say thank you. The creek is up two feet since we had checked it Friday morning.

    Glad to hear about the good results and hope that will continue.

  4. still raining here, too, but fortunately not a hard drenching rain. we'll have continued rain all week according to the forecast.

    frogs are often more plentiful in rain - maybe yours are so tiny they had to hide behind structures to be safe in the higher winds and heavy downfall? i bet you will see them again.

    roger's news is fantastic!

  5. Wonderful news about Roger. He is definitely on the deans list. Keep up the good work.
    Doing really well here and am a bit jealous of your rain. We are still under a burn ban.
    Love that you tried to walk in the rain though it sounded a bit stout for a stroll.

  6. A+?! Greats news!

    We're supposed to be getting rain today and tomorrow. It's been gorgeous the last few days. Good for leaf peeping!

  7. Life is a continuos cycle. They're calling for our first snow fall tonight.

  8. Rained all day Sunday in SC but not a downpour, just a steady rain.
    Glad to have it be partly cloudy for a few days.

    Great news on Roger's test!

    Having some fun working with my sisters planning my Dad's 90th party for late Nov.(Dad changed his mind only early this month that he did, in fact, would like a big party and not just an upscale meal with the immediate family.) I'm glad he wants to have a big party!

    Being a long-suffering SFGiants fan, and I'm thankful for a few days without "torture" and yeay, Giants are in the WS!
    To quote Juan Uribe "I got a whole lot of happy!"

  9. Great report on Roger's chemistry, now onward and continued upward!
    It's very windy up here in Seattle this morning, and yesterday it rained hard over in Kirkland, where I went with bandmates to see a concert. It's Halloweeny weather...

  10. Yay Roger!! Class valedictorian!

    I love rain. We are rain, those we love who have died are in the rain. It is life; while "too much" can be devastating, often the devastation is because of changes we've made in the landscape.

    So sad about the mantis, but perhaps she was able to lay eggs already?

    I look forward to reading what you find about the habits of those dear tree frogs. Perhaps, as Sky suggests, they're too small to happily tolerate such a heavy rainfall.

  11. yay, roger!

    it was pretty soggy here over the weekend, but sunny and cool today.

  12. Wow! That's a lot of rain. So glad you got such a good report card.

  13. Abundance everywhere -- that's a whole lotta rain, and a whole lotta good blood work! So pleased for you.

    No rain today, but more expected later in the week. I don't mind it - I like to sit in the hot tub in the middle of a downpour.

    Weird frog mystery....I'm sure you've been doing your research on Google, yes?

  14. rest in peace, praying mantis. live in health, roger and robin.

  15. When the frogs leave,
    Leaves fall,
    And rain sweeps all away.

  16. Glad to hear the good news about the chemo.

    And it must be wonderful to have rain when it's scarce...