Friday, November 26, 2010

Lately, It's All About The Sky

First things first, our power was restored Tuesday afternoon. Roger had already figured out how to power the water heater with the generator, so we had showered and were squeaky-clean happy when everything started humming on its own again. It had been a full 60 hours without electricity, but Roger's ingenuity and pure wiring genius got us through it.

So, we could finally fully enjoy the winter mountain skies after the storm, which are incredibly clear and beautiful. It's never quite as sparkling bright in the summer, when the choking heat of the Sacramento Valley and the smoggy air from the bay area drift all the way here. That's why these freezing cold mornings are the perfect time for venturing out to see Venus. Venus before sunrise on a clear morning, and Venus before sunrise cloaked in pink clouds. I swear I would brave the coldest temps to get a glimpse of this every morning of every day. I wake up singing, "Good morning, Venus..."
And then in the chilly evenings we get to see Jupiter. This is such an amazing thing for us, to stand out on our deck and see planets. PLANETS! Why is it so thrilling? Maybe it's that confirmation and reassurance that we are after all just whirling through space, and the sight of other orbiting bodies puts it all in some proper perspective. How small we are, how very, very small.
Late in the morning on Friday, when the temps warmed up to a balmy 45 F degrees (7 C), we took a much-needed walk to breathe the fresh air and survey the storm damage. Many tree limbs down from the heavy wet snow. The sky is filling up with clouds in a preview for tomorrow's expected snow storm. The sun and clouds create spectacular sundogs, reminding us of Monet's paintings. We feel ready for any kind of weather now, and lately we just can't take our eyes off the sky. It's all good.


  1. Just outside on the porch the Big Dipper is spectacular recently too. the cold night air makes the stars (and planets) lots more sparkly I think. Nice to be away from light pollution isn't it?

  2. Your skies are really nice to look at!!

    YAY for Roger's expertise.

  3. It's nice to hear that you have your power back! You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone...

    Really nice photos and a great post!

  4. Swell sky shots, and so glad to hear you guys are powered up again.

  5. beautiful shots, as always. The sun dogs remind of the sheen of oil on top of water (uh oh, shades of the Gulf).

    Hope it doesn't snow for you too much tomorrow! I'm really annoyed I'm so close but cannot come up. Phooey.

  6. Thank goodness for Roger's electrical skills. How wonderful that first shower feels after doing without!

    We are stardust--how comforting to know that we came from such beauty and that we will return there.

    Those sun dogs are simply spectacular! I've seen them plenty out in these parts, but never that impressive. Breakfast on your deck must be a great way to start your day.

  7. If I ever get to see a sundog in other than dreamlife, I'll immediately think of you. Aurora borealis is more commonly seen (and sought after and talked about) here.

    I'm interested: did you fall into the sky on your own, or did someone who loves you have a hand in your interest?

  8. Wow is right! Those sky colors are spectacular!
    I have been enjoying those planets on my predawn Bear walks.

  9. Wonderful sky shots.
    One thing neat about power outages. They make you realize that you can improvise and that makes one feel pretty self satisfied.
    I love the challange but I do get pretty cranky after day 4.
    So glad you are back in business.

  10. Beautiful skies. And having hot water during a power outage is a blessing indeed. Roger, you rock!

  11. I did love it that you went right out and got a generator when you needed to, and that Roger had the skills to make everything tick right along with it.

    Loving all your sky photos. These same clear days must have given you stunning night skies too. I miss the night sky, and always knowing where the planets are. There are too many streetlights in this neighborhood and too much moisture in the air.

  12. Gorgeous great big skies... there is nothing like these dark velvety winter skies.

    Glad to hear that the power is on again, and I hope all works out well with the computer renovation.