Wednesday, November 03, 2010

We Thought We'd Miss The Ocean

But we have this vast sea -blue sky to let our minds wander in
...wavering clouds that roll across the sky like a wispy tide
...and a jeweled moon that floats on the surface of the limitless universe.

Except for desiring a glimpse of a willet or dolphin, a pelican or sea lion, a sandpiper or harbor seal, we get the sea where we see it in a measureless sky.


First, Roger is only five days away from completing round three of the chemotherapy. He continues to do very well, experiencing only minimal side effects. He's working on a project that will eventually be a post here. What he accomplishes while on chemotherapy is pretty mind-blowing, I must say.

Second, Bonsai is okay. We discovered that one of the meds the vet sent him home with is what causes his incredible lethargy. He was practically unconscious this afternoon, but is now up and stumbling around. We're not going to give him that drug again.

Third, fall is stunningly beautiful here. We're still seeing dragonflies and damselflies. We saw two froggies down by the pond this morning. First two we've seen since their mass disappearance ten days ago. Where do froggies go?


  1. What a great, good news post for the day, Robin! So glad Roger is doing so well! And your skies look so much like ours lately -- we both have a couple of photos, that look like they were taken at the same time, in the same place instead to miles and miles apart! And good news about Bonsai! Hope you have a beautiful weekend!


  2. All good news - as opposed to what we might see or her elsewhere! LOL

  3. Good news all around! I hope all continues to go well. Ignore politics; after all, it ignores you!

  4. Into the mud, but not very deep. Actually, they can get pretty near frozen and then thaw out- I remember something from my stint in the Reptile House at LPZ, has to do with glycogen acting like antifreeze in their little ectotherm bodies. So, with a cold snap they'll all hunker down and in but come out to soak up the rays in California. Up north they stay under for the whole winter.

    Poor Bonsai. Good for Roger! I love your blue blue skies. We have big skies here, too and there's a lot to watch in the clouds and colors.

  5. love those sky pics! and the pics in your last post. I have been in my own world so sorry I havent been paying attention.
    So glad Roger is doing so well.
    record high temps today, an amazing 2 days so far.
    fingers crossed for Bonsai to continue to recover.

  6. Great to hear about all the beings in your household doing all right.
    Bonsai is young enough to do the work for. Our almost 17 year old cat fell apart last weekend, and I had him put to sleep yesterday. Too much possibly wrong, no guarantee he'd survive treatment.
    Whew. It's hurting my heart.

  7. {{{Isabelita}}} I'm so sorry about your kitty. I know you made your decision with love, and yes, your heart will hurt for a long time.

    You go, Roger! Good news that you are tolerating the third round so well.

    I was thinking about Bonsai this morning, dreading what your next post would say. They always do better at home, so I'm glad you have him back. Did the vet ever figure out what the blockage was?

    Clouds and blue sky! I hope to enjoy some skyscapes this weekend when I'm in the wide, flat spaces of upstate NY. So sweet to see "your" moon looking exactly like "our" moon. The new moon with the old moon in her arms....

  8. A good day to look at the sky and to focus on what's right with the world--like Roger's resilience and good health. I always feel solaced when I come here.

  9. Such pretty skies.

    Yay for Roger! And hang in there, Bonsai!

    We used to have a nightly chorus of froggies in the spring & summer at our old house. I miss them a bit. We have plenty of crickets here, but that's just not the same.

  10. your sea-sky is revitalizing! good for those 2 strong guys in your life - so glad roger's health is holding strong and bonsai is on the mend. maybe its a remarkable woman in their lives that keeps them moving forward? :)

  11. I am so pleased for you both that roger is doing so well with the chemo. Wonderful news.
    Also glad Bonsai may have a less expensive road to health and that he is feeling perkier. Home cooking always helps.

  12. Love the Roger news, love the Bonsai news, love the photos. Much love all around, I'd say.

  13. I posted a comment and it was lost in cyberspace! I'm so glad to hear the good news all around.

    And I'm so glad you finally found your place. It is lovely.

  14. great photos, as always. glad bonsai is home and doing better. go, roger! xoxo

  15. (((hugs)))for Isabelita, too.

  16. good news all around! The sky pics are great--such a deep blue for fall! I am enjoying the mild weather here too; I'm refusing to put away the summer things (sandals, patio umbrella, etc) until after this weekend.

  17. So glad to hear that Roger is doing well. Your photos are gorgeous. I have heard that there have been some spectacular dragonfly migrations on the West Coast this fall. I wonder if that's part of what you are seeing.

  18. Where do froggies go?
    Where froggies go
    We can't really know,
    For to show the thing
    Would bring
    A miracle.
    (I think they make condos in the mud and sleep over Winter)At least according to Wind In The Willows.

  19. I'm so glad for you all, so looking forward to the unveiling of Roger's project, and in complete agreement with you concerning backing off a lethargy-inducing med which likely also slows digestion.

    Love your big sky pictures!

  20. Beautiful photos as usual. Glad to hear that Roger is progressing through the arduous treatments.

    The resolution on the moon photo is impressive. The clear Fall air is heavenly :)