Sunday, February 20, 2011

Countdown Day 10: Hummingbirds in Snow

Early in the morning, this guy clicks at us from the top of this branch. I say, "Yeah, yeah, yeah I hear you. No, I can't make it stop snowing. No, I don't want your food. No, I'm not your enemy." I repeat all these things, but he still clicks insistently.
This guy chases off all the other hummers that come anywhere near "his" feeder. They waste so much precious energy bossing each other around. Pity.

This guy surprises me with his swipe in the snow. Fierce, crazy little thing.

The sun came out and the snow lit up. Roger has a cold. We're glad there's only ten more days to go.


  1. They waste so much precious energy bossing each other around. Pity.

    Sounds a lot like the human condition.

  2. But really . . . such a delight to drop in this evening with the Bums. Can't help but smile at this tenacious little beauty.

  3. Love jeanne marie's first comment - so true! Feel better soon,Roger.

  4. thirding JM.

    eh, roger. a cold, too? phffffthhhh. extra hugs to you this week -- and kleenex, warm tea, a dispensation from having to fix everything, maybe a funny movie or several. i'd send along GS thin mints on general principle [they are curative], except i don't have any yet.

  5. his immune system has probably taken a big hit with the treatment so i hope roger is getting plenty of rest and is boosting his immune system.

    enjoying your countdown posts and photos!

  6. I have never seen a hummer in the snow. They really are irritable little creatures aren't they? Being cute carries them though.
    Rest easy Roger and get over that cold soon.

  7. I don't waste my time bossing people around. They waste it when they don't listen to me.

    Neat series of images and I am impressed the video caught the "click" of the hummer. I have never seen one in the snow. Our ruby thoratedones don't hit the flowers here until maybe June or so.

    Tell Roger to , Oh I am sure you are. Hang in there.

  8. Okay, Robin, you win. That is something I will never see here in FL.
    Thank you for capturing it on megapixies and sharing it.
    Tons of good wishes to you, roger, and a hummer who must deal with snow.

  9. Although there are several species of hummingbirds that frequent this area of Arizona, it is only the Anna's that overwinter at this elevation. They are very tough little birds. A couple of times, when we have had snow and ice storms up here, I've wondered if they might drop down to lower elevation for awhile, but so long as there is something in the feeders, they stick around the garden and shelter inside of an Arizona Cypress on the hillside by the lane.

  10. I like the photos. They tell the story. Our hummers aren't back yet but the robins are all over. They aren't here in these numbers usually although it might be the snow on the hills around us and not migration. We also have big flocks of red wing blackbirds. The birds are definitely on the move here and maybe some are beginning their migration which means one of these days I'll see the hummers who come early.

  11. Wow! How does such a tiny thing find the energy to survive the cold?

    Wow! How does such a handsome thing find the energy to survive a cold?

    There, both bases covered!

    Be well, Roger! The quilt will keep you toasty.

    My verification word is..."bible." I kid you not.

  12. That little hummingbird spirit is good medicine for Roger and for all of us. Love your photos and the film clip.

  13. Last week during my darkest hour I stood outside the garden door and found glinting on the wet ground a brilliant flash of effervescent magenta. It was a tiny hummer feather.

  14. ack! a cold on top of chemo -- what cruel fate.

    your little bird is a sweet and beautiful fellow! Do you have your electrical back?

  15. Somehow it is hard for me to imagine a hummingbird in the snow. So far I've not even heard the Red-winged Blackbirds here yet let alone such a bird as a hummer.