Monday, February 28, 2011

Countdown Day 2: Flowers and Ice

I had a plan for this 14-day countdown. I saved a few photos and hoped to find a few more to cover the time I had promised to celebrate Roger's countdown to chemo freedom. I had thought today might be the day to post this photo I took a while back of these amazing shafts of light pouring into the yard between the sunrise and the oak.
But then two snowstorms plowed into us and changed everything. And, if that wasn't enough, we had two nights of very hard freezes.
Suddenly there were foot-long icicles hanging from every eave.
And our early-blooming camellias faced the cold breath of the north and became natural painted ice sculptures.
I'm sure images like these are fairly commonplace in more northern latitudes where severe winter storms are expected, but here it's been other-worldly and magical.

OMG! In addition to all of that, only two more days until Roger is finished with chemo!!! Can you hear us whooping and hollering already? We have a plan that involves a bottle of champagne sent to us by a fellow blogger and Facebook friend. I'm pretty sure on March 2nd we're popping the cork on that bottle. Care to join us in a toast?

PS: As of Sunday afternoon at 4:30, we still don't have power. Roger discovered that the power line from the transformer to our house is down. Uh-oh. Our little neighborhood was scheduled for a 5:00 pm reconnect to the bigger power grid, but it won't matter now until our little connection gets hooked back up. He also found the telephone line on the ground, but still connected (hence we still have our phone and dsl service). No telling when any of this will be repaired. Oy.


  1. I hope it will be soon, Robin. And enjoy that champagne!

  2. That's great about only two more days to go. Yes, a celebration is definitely in order. Good thing Roger discovered the downed lines so that they can be repaired. It will be nice when life is back to normal!

  3. We used to love finding icicles to mess with when we were kids back in Ohio; they look spectacular on the flowers. Oh, and I'll drink champagne for any good cause!

  4. Can't believe that you have been without power for so long. Hope both electricity and Roger's power will soon be back to normal.

  5. Sorry about your down line. Sadly, those are the last repaired but at least now the power co. knows about it.
    Love the promise of that first picture and hope your plants recover from the ice bath.
    I don't drink, but I will raise a glass of Sparkling Water to you both on day Zero.

  6. I will definitely raise the glass here in NC. Enjoy the celebration!

  7. go roger go!

    yikes about the power.

  8. Oy! You sent your ICE to us!

    I will gladly raise a glass in honor of Roger's successful completion of chemo. I wish you a sunny, warm day so you can enjoy that bottle on your deck.

  9. We should synchronize our champagne sipping.

  10. Well,if not champagne, perhaps a little Ice any rate, a celebration is in order, and I'm so happy for you that That was Then, and This is Now is Here! Congratulations! All the best, Susan