Sunday, February 27, 2011

Countdown Day 3: A Purple Change of Pace

Well, we still don't have power. And from the sounds of it, it is going to be at least another day or two before the house is humming with electricity and all our little gadget lights are blazing 24/7. So now, the house is perfectly dark and incredibly serene at night without all the bright things that power brings with it. Interestingly, we don't miss that at all.
The snow has made us rearrange where we scatter seed on the ground for our little ground feeders. There are few spots, like under the big cedar tree and out in front of the house, where the ground is protected from major snow accumulation. The birds found it right away. Having them this close, I was able to see a couple of new birds hanging around. I am pretty sure these are Purple Finches. A lovely little finch that enjoys a smallish year-round range here along the Sierra foothills.

So, we've found some wonderful bright sides to this monster storm: getting to see a new bird among the daily visitors and enjoying the real deep darkness of night.

Roger is feeling better and has recovered from his cold. The work of keeping the house warm and the generator going has distracted him in a very good way from these last few days of chemo side effects. Oh, he's still feeling them, but he doesn't have time to think about it. Snowstorm therapy!


  1. Beautiful finches! Very nice distractions indeed. Hope your power comes back soon even if you are not missing it too much.

  2. Fine finches!
    Things get so quiet when the power doesn't arrive.

    go roger go!

  3. That sounds like good therapy to me. I love the finch.

  4. Generator-powered blogging - I love it! Stay warm and safe, and hugs to Roger.

  5. They sure do look like purple finches. Check April on the calendar I sent....

    I love power outages. Once, many years ago, we lost power in the summer. It was the height of firefly season. I watched them out the front door and saw them lighting up in waves that rolled through the air. It was utterly magical!

    We got the remnants of the storm that slammed you--enough to have to shovel. Sigh. I love New England's winter, but I'd sure love to walk on terra firma again! So hard to walk four dogs when the footing is slippery and unreliable.

    Three days to the finish! So cool! I'm glad that the power outage is keeping Roger distracted and busy. And good of the cold to recede, so that on his day of liberation, he'll feeling fine (well, except for the residual effects of the chemo).

  6. It does get so quiet when eveyones power goes out. And then the fresh blanket of snow too.

  7. Finches must be resilient little creatures; they sure adapted amazingly on the Galapagos Islands.
    Now they're responding to your snowless islands!
    Good vibes to you both.

  8. Oh so close to the end of the countdown. Not surprised that you have found the silver lining . . .

    Beautiful birds the purple finches. We don't see them around here as much as we used to.

  9. snowstorm therapy! i hope the power's back on sooner rather than later, anyway. and those are some darned cute finches.

    go roger go! almost there!