Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Countdown Day 5: Another Awe-Inspiring Moment of Magic on Earth of the Milky Way

We found our blogging friend Jim Otterstrom's obituary in the local Big Bear newspaper. and from the sound of it, he wrote it himself. Here is an excerpt.

"I find sorrow and suffering amidst the joy of being human, yet, with the awareness that loss and transience measure our days, I live a charmed life treasuring the beauty in rare & fleeting moments – and wishing you good fortune in your moments – I propose a toast!

So here's to a human future! A world of symbiotic pluralism, where regardless of gender, race, species, or elemental content, all matter of evolutionary creation is perceived as sacred and sentient, valued for it's intrinsic worth as part of our living body, planet Earth. A time beyond the cultural homogenization of Global Imperialism, beyond the all-consuming Western model of rampant cancer-like growth. Where woman, by her native strength, generosity, and beauty, wields the power inherent to the role of mother, nurturer, lover – and where man aids community while tempering his bravado with humility, respect, and awareness. To heavenly bodies, spherical harmony, seasons, cycles, life, death, and renewal. And here's to today, another awe-inspiring moment of magic on Earth of the Milky Way. Cheers!"

Jim's memorial was last Sunday. Cheers and a sad farewell to our good friend Jim.

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