Monday, February 14, 2011

Spring For Valentine's Day

For all of our friends on Valentine's Day, especially those of you who have had a long and miserable winter, here are some photos of our early spring. Of course, we're expecting snow on Wednesday and three to five inches of rain by the end of the week. We don't mind. Spring is definitely in the air. We hope that is true for you as well.
Roger in a favorite Hawaiian shirt in early February.
The first Camellia bloom on February 11.

A baby robin out on the trail, February 13th.
Daffodils shooting up and already in bud, early February.

A California Tortoiseshell high up in a pine tree with the bluest mountain skies, February 13th.

Happy Valentine's Day from the bums!


  1. Oh, there is a glimpse of spring, isn't there! I was down at the harbor this morning and there was a whole bed full of lovely, yellow daffodils! What a lift for my heart!! Spring is coming!!! Hope you and Roger have a great week ahead, Robin!


  2. May you two have the best Valentine's Day ever!
    Love the photos. Especially Roger in the early spring setting.

  3. We're had warm days in the valley as well, with lots of trees blooming. A wet week ahead in the forecast. Spring love is in the air.

  4. Thank you for the tease. Not long now.
    Wishing you and Roger a wonderful Valentines day. Don't forget to slow dance to a special tune.

  5. Spring is only showing here by all the lambs bounding around in their little gangs. I do think the buds might be swelling a bit but we had some cold up until two days ago; so hopefully nothing will bloom at the wrong time and cost us summer's fruit. We planted three new fruit trees but they are a few years off from offering any bounty-- assuming the sheep don't get them first.

  6. spring!! Not so much here yet, but thanks for the lovely reminder!
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  7. oh, sweet photos!

    we went to tilden park's little farm yesterday, and saw the cutest piglets ever. i think they're only a couple weeks old, and they play like puppies.

  8. Happy Valentines Day to you, Bums! We are seeing similar signs of spring, and today the wind and rain have come, blowing most of the camillia blossoms off the bushes.

    We need the water!

  9. Well, pretty warm today, but the wind is bringing cold weather back tomorrow for a bit. But I did hear a chickadee singing a love song as I walked across campus earlier, so I'll take that as a sign that spring's around the corner.

    Happy Valentine's Day to you!

  10. So good to see Roger surrounded by such lovely green!

    That is a stunningly captured camellia, Robin -- just perfect for Valentine's Day.

    I took a close look at your sweet little bird, and I think it might actually be a Hermit Thrush -- a much cooler sighting than an immature robin, at least in my book! :-) Compare it to these pics and see if you agree:

  11. That's a big tease. 18° and predicting snow all weekend.

  12. Er, well, sheets of very cold water coming down up here, the other bookend of winter this month, but it will pass, eventually.
    Happy V-Day to you guys, and keep sending us the hopeful signs!

  13. Hello there! It is so beautiful now, here in Sonoma: bright yellow acacia, daffodils, and wild plum,tulips popping up. Always, no matter all else, Spring brings joy in the moment.

  14. Woot! Spring is in the air!