Monday, March 07, 2011

Where There Should Be A New Post

But isn't.


What can I say? Roger is still experiencing the side effects of the chemo. It's only been six days, and that stuff is cumulative and invasive. He's been working on a post about it. Not sure if or when it will be appear here.

February's two back-to-back snowstorms kicked our butts. The snow is gone, but it was driven away by driving rain. We were once stronger (and younger) than we are now.

We drove to the co-op on Sunday morning (our favorite time to shop) and were listening to CarTalk. We always love the banter on that show, so good for a laugh. They did their usual puzzler, and for some reason we both knew the answer, so I decided to actually send it in to their show.

Here is their response.

Thanks for sending us your answer to this week's Car Talk puzzler!

In case you were wondering, here's the process we go through to select each week's winner:

First, we have to be certain you have the correct answer. We start by sending your answer to Paul Murky, at Murky Research. Murky, working with our Statistician Marge Innovera, will place your puzzler answer in one of two heaps: "not even close" and "pretty much right."

Assuming it passes by Paul and Marge, your answer will then be zipped along to Central Processing, where it will be date and time stamped, and searched for attached currency. Next, it will be shipped electronically to our Correct Answer Verification Center, where our legions of lackeys once again search your answer for any lingering currency-- just in case someone at Central Processing missed it. Then, they make certain that your response fits the criterion we have established for correct answers.

Please note that since we're often unsure of what the right answer is ourselves, we have very wide latitude in determining what constitutes a correct answer. Incorrect answers, however, will be sent to Nigerian Email Schemers.

Lastly, correct answers will be sent to Ms. Shirley Wright, who operates under the auspices of the Committee for Reviewing Answers to Puzzlers. There, operating under complete secrecy, Ms. Wright will pick a winner.

If your response is selected as this week's winning entry, we'll announce your name on the air. You'll also get a $26 gift certificate to our Shameless Commerce Division-- but only if you catch us. Which means, what? You'll need to e mail us and mention that you heard your name on the air. If you're smart, you'll then trade your new Shameless Commerce Gift Certificate to an unsuspecting co-worker, for a cup of coffee and twenty-five cents. Why $26? Simple. It used to be $25... but we adjusted for inflation. About ten years ago. (No kidding.)


Tom and Ray Magliozzi
Click and Clack the Tappet Brothers

We love this's so them.

We were lucky enough to see some Wood Ducks down by the pond on Saturday. I'm hoping they'll come around again so can get a better look at the male in his breeding plumage (he's there in the photo, in the bushes next to the female).

And in case you're wondering, life is still good!


  1. Still holding good thoughts. Thanks for the chuckles, can always use those!


  2. They make me feel good, too. I like the Wood Duck photo. Still sending good thoughts your way. Each day there is a little more light!

  3. Love Click and Clack. Love Wood Ducks. Hmmm, maybe you should call your Wood Ducks Click and Clack! :) Hope Roger is 100% back very, very soon! (The word verification is blist . . . while it's terribly misspelled, it's got to mean SOMETHING!)

  4. I do worry about the results of wrong answers.

  5. I don't listen to them religiously as my hubby does, he seems to be able to listen to all the radio shows and still get things done. But I remember years ago when Click and Clack had their "save the skeet" campaign. Still makes me giggle.

  6. crossing fingers that you win!

    more thoughts for roger. stoopid chemo.

  7. Give Roger a thoughful poke for me. Best to you from us here in Maine.

  8. Life is still good. Nice post!!!!

  9. Good luck in all ways...
    Cool duckie shot!

  10. So nice to see the Wood Ducks back. They are so very pretty. It will probably take awhile to get over the effects of the chemo. That will drag on for awhile, but hopefully, by the time the weather is looking better, Roger will be feeling good and ready for the terrific weather that is no doubt on the way.

  11. I guess we shouldn't be surprised that Roger still feels blasted by the chemo, but geez, one could hope passing that finish line would earn a reprieve of some sort!

    Yesterday's rain on the several feet of snow that still lingers led to me missing work today--every half hour (now every hour) down in the cellar with the wet vac. What a stupid reason to have to miss work!

    I hope that if you have a cellar, that it stays dry through the spring thaw.

  12. "We were once stronger (and younger) than we are now." Ain't it the truth! healing seems to take longer. Since I'm not a pill taker I stopped the pain pills early feeling so good and back to normal...Mistake! Two weeks out and those catheters are still leaving their damage. best wishes to you both. On the trail today I saw a ( Hoard? braces? ) of wood ducks. peace, m

  13. We are all trying to hang in here until the warm weather. I'm beginning to understand what my Grandma meant when she used to say, "It's a great life if you don't weaken" :)


  14. Your end-of-winter sounds bleak! Best to you and Roger, with good thoughts for his continuing recovery...

  15. And all this time I thought the statistician's name was Marge N. O'Verra!

  16. Funny Car Talk story. I've never sent in a card, but the response is so like them indeed. Hang in there...there are better days ahead.

  17. Roger. Hang in there while your body detoxes Water. Lots of water. Be well soon.

    Robin. I love 'Car talk'. They always sound like they're having a good time. My other favorite is 'Science Friday'. 'Wait, wait don't tell me' is fun. Speaking of NPR did you send them $$ recently?

  18. I love Car Talk. it lifts my spirits whenever I catch it--and I don't really care about cars (though I probably should, since I drive a 12 year old Honda CRV).

    I hope Roger is feeling better these days.