Monday, May 23, 2011

Spring, We Hardly New Ye

A lizard wrecked my whole weekend. It's true. I left the slider open for the cat Saturday morning, and a lizard came in and found its way into the kitchen. There it stayed, hiding in the space between the dishwasher and the cabinets. A place in the kitchen where we walk, as it turns out, very often. Too often for a lizard to feel comfortable enough to move more than an inch or two before running for its life back into the dark space. It's mostly a waiting game, but I find that it unnerves me to have an animal in the house that does not want to be here and is living in fear of us. I suppose it will find its way out of here, but at this moment, I feel like taking that dishwasher, WHICH WE NEVER USE, and ripping it out of the space. No more hiding, lizard. JUST GO. Please.

In other news, we didn't have any more snow this week. Did I mention that for my 59th birthday, my twin brother and his wife came up from Santa Cruz? We celebrated our birthday together. The highlight was a surprise snow last Sunday morning (May 15th). They loved it, and were even inspired to build a little snowman. We, of course, had had enough of it, but were glad for them and their enthusiasm.
Then the weather warmed up and after another 1 1/2 inches of rain, we were able to plant some fine tomato, pepper, and basil in our freshly rototilled beds. Roger has a few new toys, I mean work tools, at his disposal: a tractor, a rototiller, and a cart that the tractor pulls. It's made our lives much easier. We're pretty sure that the snow and frosts are behind us now, but to be perfectly honest, we are a bit wary. We're planting slowly, knowing that the growing season will take us long past the autumn equinox. No hurry.
Still, all the springtime creatures have sprung up from their winter sleep. Everywhere, everywhere butterflies, dragonflies, damselflies, and a zillion different kinds of bees and wasps. The sun and warm temps put a joy in everyone's step. How can it be that we're only one month away from summer solstice? Spring, we hardly knew ye.
Post Script: And on the day of the Rapture, these two were completely enraptured.


  1. I think I saw 3 seasons while I read your post. :) Hey, Roger's looking good!

  2. We are still leery of temperatures here in the PNW as it's been a weird year with snow still on the higher peaks which is not a good indicator for no more frosts. The latest I have seen is generally around the middle of May; so maybe it's going to be okay.

    On the lizards, twice I have come back to Arizona with a small dried up lizard carcass in the house. They are beautiful little bodies but I always feel it is so sad that they got in and died there; so I am very careful now that none can get through the screen door which might be a tad loose. I kept their little bodies because they are beautiful but also a sad reminder of what can happen.

  3. Snow in the middle of May? NO thanks!

  4. What Dave said. Also hope you are able to relocate your house guest. Anyway you could intice him out with lizard food? I'm sure pet stores have the pelleted version:))
    Glad you have a long growning season once it gets going. Get those hands dirty.

  5. I feel the same about lizards, etc., when they are inside. Interesting, isn't it...that the weird weather we've all had seems to make the plants thrive. Everything here is as lush and green as we've ever seen.

  6. We've had a wet spring (though the newspaper said that the recent rains helped with the drought -- I didn't notice any drought). Now we're back to high temps (for us this time of year) and serious humidity. Oh well, must mow the lawn when you live in suburbia, so thence I go now.

  7. great description of everything coming alive again!!

    Now, here, experiencing your little piece of heaven on earth, it is marvelous to see the miniature mountain flowers hugging the red earth and to see Roger playing with his toys, er, I mean, working hard in the garden.

    Maybe we'll have a mild summer...that would be nice.

  8. LOVE the shot of the mating dragonflies! They're such contortionists, it's hard to tell where one ends and the other begins.

  9. Just read all of the comments, and chuckled..Y'all sound like Canadians! (Talking about the weather is seemingly our favourite pastime) That said, it is a wet time here in eastern Ontario. But definitely no snow anymore for a few months.Mosquitos on the other hand are voracious this year, and our bug machines (C0-2 emitters that attract the female m's only..who think a cow is calling, only to get sucked into a one way sack....) are being very well maintained. oy vey sigh...I'll trade you one lizard for a million s'quitters!