Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Martini Wednesday

Our good friend Tara came to visit Monday. She brought gin, vermouth, and olives. Here is the happy moment. Later her daughter left a comment on Facebook that said: Hippies drinking martini's... iconic or ironic?

You decide.

Tara and Roger


  1. Just don't drink til you're catatonic!

  2. after a martini I don't really care if it's iconic or ironic! Great visit, youse guys.

  3. Good one Judy. In my drinking days, my favorite drink.

  4. Toss those stereotypes out the window! Fact is, hippies used whatever was at hand.

    Great photo, though. Two happy people, and a designated photographer behind the camera.

  5. Iconic and ironic (-:

    By the way, that's an incredibly lovely portrait of Tara and Roger.

    I haven't thought of myself as a hippie for a long time and was startled when an old friend commented that as I was walking toward her on the Taylor Street Dock, a young person (probably the age of Tara's daughter) near where she was standing said, "Here comes an old hippie chick." She looked up and saw me!

    I was a hippie (with a boyfriend in Vietnam) who had a dramatically low physical tolerance for both marijuana and alcohol. As a matter of fact, I've never had a martini! I was drawn to Baskins-Robbins ice cream and cookies from the Half Moon Bay Bakery and Taco Bell green bean burritos in Santa Cruz and fresh donuts from what I remember as an all-night donut shop in Burlingame and an occasional glass of wine or beer. That did it for me for many years!

    Interesting about the concept and perception of what a hippie is. Not long after I first heard the term (didn't it come from Ralph J. Gleason?), I thought of hippies as artists and poets and musicians who lived in San Francisco and had long hair and were against the war in Vietnam and who declared the end of the hippie era in October of 1967 in a ceremony in Golden Gate Park.

    For many of us who were younger than those San Francisco hippies and who started college in 1967, 1967 was when the hippie era began.

    Funny that now that I don't think of myself as a hippie, I appear to be one (-:

  6. OMG....does anybody remember magnoliathunderpussy ice cream in SF? It didn't get much hippy'r than that, except for Morning Star Ranch. :)

  7. what's in a name? a rose......

  8. Martinis have a 'posh' image...but it's just a classic case of good marketing: the presentation in the specialized glass, pure & simple ingredients (gin/vodka, vermouth & olives/lemon twists)and the hi-brow consumers on film: Nick and Nora, 007, etc. And there are lots of variations on martinis!
    If hippies can drink good wine then they can drink good cocktails, too!!

  9. Great picture! Nice job, Robin, and such a steady hand post martini.

    roger's comment cracked me up.

  10. Looks like a great time had by all!

  11. Correcting myself!

    "He coined the term beatnik in a 1958 column and popularized hippie during San Francisco's 1967 Summer of Love." (from Wikipedia)

    It was Herb Caen, not Ralph J. Gleason.

    What's in a name?