Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: A World of Blue

This is a real Blue-Tailed Skink (Skilton's Skink), unlike other skinks I have known!
This might be a Nevada Side-blotched Lizard, or not. Kind of tricky to ID.
More mating damselflies, we call this one "the ballet."
Love the green face and just that hint of electric blue.

A Bonsai update: As of Tuesday afternoon, he's doing well. Much steadier on his feet and more regular (if you catch my drift). He's not completely well, but we don't think he's knock knock knocking on heaven's door either! We are absolutely grateful for your support and kindness.


  1. That's good news about Bonsai!

    Lovely blues.

  2. great photos, Robin. Those mating things are just too weird, but fascinating to see of course.

    That Bonnie is the shit -- if you know what I mean! look it up on Urban dictionary:

  3. Lovely orgiastic insects ya got there!
    And so glad to hear that Senor Bonsai has rallied again!
    Reminds me of a verse from a song about a cat who fell off a roof while reading a love letter from a lady cat - "Senor Don Gato" - and...
    "As the funeral passed the market square,
    Such a smell of fish was in the air;
    Though the funeral was slated,
    Meow meow meow,
    He became reanimated,
    Meow meow meow...
    He cam back to life....Don Gato!!"

  4. Wonderful blue critter shots and great news about Bonsai. That massive dump must have helped. I know it improves my attitude.
    Keep er going Bonsai.

  5. Wow! Even California damselflies are kinky! Listen: We've got those critters and they don't engage in sexual acrobatics. It's something in the air there, I just know it!

    I love the blue-tailed skink. It's beautiful.

    Such hopeful news about Bonsai. I hope with all my heart that he continues to get better. Cherish each day that you have with him.

  6. Excellent news about Bonsai. Love all the photos. The "Ballet" one strikes be as really quite fine.

  7. Bonsai and I share similar results! lol :) that's good news. And, must say, those exquisite photos renew that since of wonder, which gives an old soul a joyful lift. peace, m

  8. beautiful blues!

    glad sir bonsai is feeling more himself again! sending a virtual skritch, and wishing joy for the time he has.

    this is going to sound weird. we went back and forth about the duke of earl for the longest. i had actually contacted the special vet months before the actual decision, saying i thought the time was near. it was helpful to have already thought through just how much we were willing to make him endure. as somebody mentioned in the last post, cats aren't really good at revealing their suffering.

  9. Good news indeed! Love your photographs.

  10. Changing the subject slightly, because we don't have lizards in these parts and I am fascinated by them: Presenting "The Lizard Kings."

  11. just saw this and hope bonsai is still improving. nice images, robin. :)

  12. I commiserate with Bonsai and his shitting problem. It does seem to happen to the best--and worst--of us!

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