Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Word Wednesday: Our Day On The Yuba

I wish I could tell you how hard it is to photograph rainbows rippling endlessly across a flowing river. I think these picture convey that difficulty.
We were supposed to get up early Tuesday morning to meet our new geezer hiking group for a major hike in the high country. We didn't.
Oh yes, we woke up early enough, but rushing around to go for a hike just didn't seem the right way to start the day.
We anguished about it because we love that our neighbors invited us on their Tuesday geezer high country hike, and we felt like total jerks for not showing up.
But it occurred to us that one of the things we love the most about retirement is that we don't have to leave the house at 7:40 am to do anything. EVER.
And our consolation prize was this: a hike on the south fork of the Yuba River. It was such a beautiful day there at the very end of summer, even if I couldn't quite photograph the rippling rainbows.

PS: That's me trying to do a Betty Grable pose. Oh well, the fun is all in the trying!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Bats in the Belfry

Well not really a belfry, but we do have this crazy canopy on the deck (off our bedroom) that we bought to sleep in when the nights got too hot this summer. We haven't slept out there yet, but we have found some froggies and other critters camping out there. Mostly the critters were a mild surprise, not entirely unexpected. The typical find was insects and lizards that criss-cross the deck a zillion times a day. But twice now, quite surprisingly, a bat found its way in there at sunset. Not sure how, because the canopy is closed at the top and only weirdly open at the bottom, which we fold up and tuck inside to try and create a boundary. How and why do the bats come in? We are not sure. We have managed to release them both times. They are truly the weirdest mammals we know, well except for modern humans who really do seem to have bats in their belfry.