Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Frogs, Katydids, Skinks!


  1. Beautiful photos, amazing creatures.

    How have you guys been feeling?

  2. Nature at its best. Thank you for posting those pics.

  3. My what a lovely tail the skink has and how tiny the frog.
    Great shots.

  4. Love the skink but it is blowing the whole green theme established by the first photos. Sheesh, Robin.

    Thanks for showing me the tree frogs up close and personal -- I had no idea that such little frogs existed.

  5. Wonderful images; reminded me of the "pet" katydid my sister brought into our house years ago. It started singing "katydid! katydid!" in the dead of night,and was given a merciful release by our dad.

  6. Thank you for adding such beauty to a rainy day in Massachusetts!

    I love katydids and their summer it slows and becomes so forlorn as the weather cools.

    The frogs are like little hidden treasures--it must be such a delight to find them!

    And you already know how I feel about the skinks. Thank you for all those lovely photos.

  7. There's just nothing cuter than an angry skink.

  8. Love those tiny frogs and how well camouflaged the katydids are!

    Thanks for the visit to Imagine; I'm still going to be posting at:
    http://justaskjudy.blogspot, until further notice. I had heard that the warning was no longer there and I'm happy about that; it means people can find me back at my old blog. Thanks!