Friday, November 25, 2011

every lump in the forest

we walked one of our usual walks. we haven't done this one for several days. my my. look what has popped up everywhere, hidden by pine needles and oak leaves. little lumps hiding beautiful fungus flowers. in spring and summer we usually stop to check on bugs or flowers or birds. in fall it's the colorful foliage that we admire. but today we had to investigate every lump we saw. many lumps had already been found by deer and nosed open, the boletes or amanitas already eaten. i guess the ones we picture here aren't to the deers' liking.

unidentified mushroom

another mystery

mystery cubed

aha! rosy russula or russula rosacea

here i am exposing some hidden shrooms.


  1. Wow! Gigantic mushrooms. Love the home movie!

  2. We don't have many of those around here, only in the spring.

  3. Gosh, who would have known they were there? Oh that's right, you did. Nice discovery. I love the variety of fungi.

  4. So funny: I just got off the phone with a friend, telling her that there won't be any mushrooms along the trail we'll be walking tomorrow. then I find this post full of beautiful mushrooms!

    What a happy, fertile place that is to have so many mushrooms this time of year. You cannot convince me that you have not found the Garden of Eden where you live!

  5. my gawd. they are EVERYWHERE!

    Those rosey colored ones are quite beautiful. Any of those edible? If the deer eat them can humans assume they are safe and tasty?

  6. Many fungus among us! They are such amazing things.