Monday, March 05, 2012

Our Winter So Far

Before the storm, the sky darkened in the east while the late afternoon sun shone on the sugar pines.
The first day of snow, the birds came and waited for food.

And, huddled together on the rocks.
It snowed on and off Wednesday and Thursday. We couldn't get out for a walk until Friday. We headed out to the irrigation ditch. There were no other human footprints for most of the walk.
Sometimes after a snow or rain the sun appears, and the moisture evaporates from the tree trunks. I always like to imagine that I'm seeing the tree's breath.

By Sunday the snow was mostly gone. Temps were up in the 70s, and we could walk in sneakers and didn't need jackets, enjoying the last soft white bit that still remained.
This is our winter so far, two days and counting.


  1. Beautiful! I love the tree's breath! I do feel so sorry for that little hummingbird in the snow. Hopefully there's enough food for the little guys to get through a snowfall safely.
    The sun catching the cones with the dark sky in the background is also lovely. That's a sight that is as fresh to my eyes now as the first time I saw it: sunlit tree against a dark sky.

  2. beautiful! the trail next to the ditch must have been slippery!

  3. Such a relief to come here. Again, thank you for sharing your beautiful worldview with us.

    (PS Hey, how did you get to tomorrow already? It's still Sunday, 3/4 here on the east coast.)

  4. Well, to be perfectly honest, there was plenty of hummingbird food, but that little monster was not letting any other hummers get to it.

    The trail wasn't slippery, but it was hard slogging through the icy stiffness of it on Friday.

    I get to tell blogger what time to post the post. So, even thought I wrote it and posted it Sunday afternoon, I made the date for Monday. I'm tricky that way! LOL!

  5. At least you got some and it looks delightful. How facinating about the breathing tree. I have never seen that.

  6. Oh, that poor little humming bird!! Beautiful shots. I have never seen a tree steam. Interesting.

  7. Delightful! You are a latter-day John Muir, with lovely descriptions; only you get to illustrate yours with wonderful photos.

  8. So unlike last winter. I love these photos! Especially the one of the breathing tree and the one of Roger walking in the rapidly melting snow.
    Moving on into March and spring.

  9. I have never seen a tree's breath before. I'm going to go looking in our own woods next time we have snow and then sunshine.

  10. Love the photo of the little hummingbird in the snow. They sometimes have to endure a bit of snow here in Arizona too.