Monday, March 26, 2012

Sunday Was A Day Like This

When nothing extraordinary happens, but it seemed like I was grabbing the camera every five minutes.
First, I looked out the window toward the pond and saw a goose standing on the roof of the spring pump house. How funny I thought.
Then the geese waddled up the driveway, and one flew to the support in the trees that holds the swing. I think she was trying to find the best nesting spot and is using elevated places for a better view.
Then, I was on the phone talking to my brother in Virginia, about this amazing bread that we've been baking, comparing notes and recipe changes, when this pair of Wood Ducks walked up the driveway. They waited there so long to eat food under the cedar tree, but the squirrel would not yield for a second.
Then five deer came to see if the birds and squirrels had left any sunflower seeds for them. After a few meager nibbles, they went to rest in the backyard on the other side of the fence for an hour or so. Nice to see them so relaxed.
We took a walk after dinner. First time we'd seen any blue skies for a while. We're in for another week of rain. Climate change is such a trip!


  1. Awesome photos! Looks live a lovely day.

  2. OK. The geese photos made me laugh. What funny animals!

    Looks like a lovely Sunday . . .

  3. I love wood ducks. They're so extravagant.

  4. How neat that the wildlife feel so comfortable around you. Hope she found a good nesting spot.

  5. We have the larger Canadians that spend the day in our pasture, sometimes with their grown offspring and I love hearing them fly in and out. Saturday was my day for the unusual as a fox came right in near the house to the little pool we created last year. Although he was beautiful and I wanted a photo (when I moved he/she took off), I had mixed feelings about that degree of closeness since I have cats out there off and on. It's amazing how much we live with only rarely see as we have also seen the porcupine and bobcat near the house but no photos of them either. Not too trusting.

    Your texts are sooooo hard to read. It would seem they could put up a text that had the letters but not that smashed together part. Could a spammer really get it anyway?

  6. great shots -- your evening walk must have been very nice, and the res. looks gorgeous through your lens.

    Going to share that bread recipe with us here? Hmmm?

  7. Why not post the resulting bread recipe when you and the brother are finished tweaking it?

    Silly Geese! I've never seen them do anything like that.

  8. You were supposed to escape the constant rain when you moved!

    Don't those geese know they are not supposed to perch on things? Perverts! We need an In Defense of Perching law!

    Honestly, I've never seen anything like that from a goose. I'm glad you were able to document it.

  9. I'm sending you a link to a post you might be interested in based on a comment on Tara's blog.

    My daughter says it is "spot on."

  10. I have never seen a goose roosting so high!

    I'm curious what changes you've tried with the amazing bread recipe. Anything too delicious not to share?