Monday, April 23, 2012

cover crop and good neighbor

we did a cover crop this year in our vegetable growing beds. our local garden place has a wide variety of cover crops (and seeds galore and tools and books and much more. we like it). we chose a soil building mix of legumes: fava beans, biomaster peas, yellow peas, and sugar snap peas. an edible crop that fixes nitrogen and send roots deep.
april 13
april 21
barely visible behind the closest
  row of cover crop is the next
bed with teeny broccoli and cauliflower starts
fava bean flowers
pea flowers 

we decided to remove the fence around the little garden that came with the place. it was built in a very shaded location, so we will move the nice redwood raised beds out into the sunlight. i took off the wire fencing. seventeen posts. at least twenty five fence staples in each. then i discovered that all seventeen were set in two feet of concrete. i dug down halfway around four gobs of concrete on four posts and exhausted myself breaking the concrete off two. i was resigned to renting a jackhammer to salvage the posts.

we mentioned the post problem to a neighbor a week or so ago. this morning he drove over in his nice mid size kubota tractor and volunteered to see if it would pull up the posts. short answer…no. he did get the two posts i had dug around up out of the ground, still in their large   concrete boots.

it was a very nice gesture. we had a laugh about overdone concrete.


  1. it just occurred to me -- that designer garden could have been a chicken yard! Yes? No? Too late now, at any rate.

  2. busy, busy! sounds like some good food is planned for the future. such nice, neighborly community support - so valuable and becoming more rare. love those beautiful little pea flowers.

  3. guilty of overdone concrete here. I can laugh about it now lol

  4. Lovely fava bean flowers! And your garden is looking great. Everyone here uses cover crops and it's lovely to see the different patches and shades of green as we look over the mountain fields.

  5. Wow,those people really believed in permanence.
    Cover crop is a great idea. I used to use buckwheat, I like your idea better.

  6. Why would anyone put the posts in concrete? I'm baffled! Really tall things need concrete bases, but fence posts? Seriously? The people who owned that house before you were really weird.

  7. Wow, what a lot of work... I hope to get some favas and peas and a couple of kinds of string beans planted soon.

  8. That concrete must have been quite a shock. I wonder why so much

  9. Sweet fava bean flower-eye view of your house. I love visiting here. Life is full, and there is laughter here, too.

  10. I wish my local garden store had the variety of cover crop that yours does. I can only get winter rye and white clover. Pretty slime pickings.