Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Wednesday's Words: Oakland in Focus

We drove to Oakland Monday. It was part of a bigger plan, but that plan got detoured by smoke and hazy air. So this is as far as we could go, before we turned around to head back home. We spent the night with our astonishingly beautiful and precocious grand-daughter and her equally spectacular parents. There are some people on the planet who actually give hope for the future, and lucky for us, we spent Monday night with them. When we came home on Tuesday, the gusty winds we had driven through on Monday had dispersed the smoke and haze. We didn't know what to expect, those winds could have blown the smoke anywhere. But it was clear here. And, even better, the temperatures had dropped 20 degrees. All good. While we were in Oakland, we took a hike through some beautiful redwoods and found ourselves looking out across the foggy bay to San Francisco. I set the camera to focus on Oakland, and that's the pic I got.

We also heard the trees squeaking in the wind. Here's a bit of what it sounded like. Turn your sound way up:


  1. I am pleased to know that the fire is not headed your way!

  2. Love the view! It's like something out of a B movie: The intrepid explorers have fought their way for weeks through the forest. The finally reach the edge and step out of the trees to see a fog-shrouded city across a bay. And so the story begins....

    Thank you especially for the squeaking trees. I love that sound, and never in my wildest dreams did I think I'd get to hear redwoods! I think of different kinds of trees having different voices. Some sigh, some moan, some almost seem to speak: You stop and think, "Did I just hear people speaking in the distance?" But when you hear the sound again, it's a tree speaking to the wind.

  3. a stunning photo of the bay - just love it.
    I've visited your blog often but this is the first time I've been "polite" enough to leave a comment..
    I really enjoy reading about your life and excursions on the opposite side of the world:)

  4. I have tried to follow the Robber fire but couldn't find any coverage on the news. So glad to know you are ok. Sigh of relief here.