Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Quiet Hello

The more omnipresent social networking has become, the more we have less to say. Not sure why that is. We're just living our lives quietly these days. Can't seem to find the reason anymore to chat about the little things. The seasons change. We're still harvesting our garden. The summer heat has not abated. Supposed to be 90 freakin' degrees next Sunday. Our second corn crop is happy… me, not so much.
We planted six giant zinnias out back, and they have transformed the yard into a mecca for butterfies and bees. Next year we will plant more. It's the least we can do for the pleasure of their company.

Despite the heat the migrating birds have headed south and some of our little natives have come back from the high country. Love looking out to see a tufted titmouse and a house finch on the feeder. They haven't been here since early spring. Still waiting on the dark-eyed juncoes, but not too soon. They often are the harbingers of winter.
The half-moon rises. 


  1. I attended a seminar this weekend about water-wise landscaping. The presenter talked at some length about plants that attract birds and butterflies. I am planning for our back yard, next spring, to be a haven for critters of all kinds.

  2. I love zinnias too--all colors! Our lives are made of little things just as much as big things, aren't they?

  3. Our lives too have settled into that quiet zone. After a year of disastrous health problems the healing has begun and finds synch in Autumn changes. The garden is overgrown, tangled and in flux. The sense of transience seems even more piquant than that of Spring, when winds scatter the cherry blossoms----now its leaves: red, brown, yellow and purple. Tiny yellow finches are eating the zinnia seeds, ducks are migrating along with white cormorants. The last white water lily has folded and the nights are quite chilly. The smell of fermenting rapes hangs in the air.

  4. Cold front here. 65 degrees last night. AWESOME!

  5. Got yer Indian Summer right here, complete with cool nights; I've noticed the flickers are making their piercing cries lately, wonder if it's about claiming territory. Hummingbirds are swooshing and creating that weird slide whistle thing that they do
    I go to the farmers' market, gave up on the backyard since we haven't had rain for weeks on end...
    Enjoy that heat, it'll be gone soon enough.

  6. As you know, I've been quiet too. Still so difficult to carry on alone and feeling tired. It seems that I don't have the energy or whatever else it takes to blog or say much on FB. Guess I don't really feel that I fit in anymore. *sigh*

    It's been quite cold up here in Canada. Next week, I'll be setting out for the southwest via a meandering route that will take me over top of Lake Superior. It's already been cold up there. I am hoping for some Indian Summer and no snow until I have turned south somewhere west of Thunder Bay. Will be spending some time in the PNW this autumn before settling down in southeast AZ for the winter. Still find it very difficult to stay in one place for very long.

  7. Pretty quiet here, too. Have not signed up for Facebook. Not spending as much time blogging as I once did but am still reading the posts of a handful of bloggers, all of whom have fewer posts than they used to. My life is fuller and different from what it used to be before I started blogging.

    Lovely to see a Monarch butterfly. This September it has felt like the California coast up here. Usually the cloud cover and the rain have appeared by now. We even had fog last week a few mornings, clearing in the afternoons. The best of all is looking out most mornings before dawn to see that Orion has moved a little to the south across the sky to the east.

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