Sunday, November 18, 2012

Small World, Big Sky

My older brother who lives in Virginia called me Sunday morning and said, "Hey Robin, you got a minute?" I said, "Sure what's up? He said, "I have a friend here who I want you talk to. He wants to know what happened to Prop 37 in California."

I thought, Sure, okay, I'll talk to him, but I don't really know anything that's different from what the papers and websites have been reporting.

So, Joel came to the phone, and we proceeded to have a 40 minute conversation about Prop 37, the world, and everything in it. At some point he told me that his youngest son is a PhD student at UC Santa Cruz. Well, of course that completely piqued my interest because I spent so many years there as an advisor. I asked him his son's name so I could look him up and see if I recognized him in any way.

 His son's photo
I looked him up on Facebook. Nope. I never met or advised this person. But that's when I saw it. His Facebook cover photo. Holy shit. Joel's son and I photographed the same sunset in 2007. It was an amazing sunset, gorgeous in every possible way. His son must have been standing not more than thirty feet from Roger and me. I have used this very sunset as my cover photo on Facebook.

 My photo
Is that not amazing?


  1. YES!.. such a tiny univers. Such interesting karma.

  2. WOW. Yes, it is a very good example of synchronicity!! We once met a guy in a UNC hat at Pearl Harbor and discovered that his son and our daughter graduated on the same day. We also met a guy in Hawaii while buying shave ice who worked in the place we owned a condo in Hilton Head, SC. Weird.

  3. wow - that IS amazing. Stuff like this happens to you all the time....what about your nephew rooming next door to my nephew at Warren Wilson? Spooky....

  4. That's a pretty great connection, even if you didn't advise him. You were both moved by the same, gorgeous scene. The title for this post is perfect!
    I don't think beautiful things and happenings follow you. I think somehow you create them, goddess-like.

  5. Wondrous to realize that the three of you were standing so close together in that moment and are in relatively close proximity once again! The patterns of our lives fascinate me.

  6. It really is remarkable. And the pictures are nice.

  7. Awesome! Fantastic serendipity!

  8. That is an amazing story! I have heard of many encounters of meeting connected people but never of having taken the same photo:)