Sunday, March 17, 2013

garden improvement

the previous owners here had a vegetable/flower garden. a twenty by twenty foot fenced square with a nice sliding gate, two raised beds, some plants in the ground, and a plastic tub with strawberry plants. there were also two raised beds outside the fence with screened sides and tops. we called it the boutique garden. it was pretty. it was way overbuilt. it was in the best spot they had for sun, which wasn't very good at all. okay for midsummer, but right up against big trees to the south.

we cleared some trees east of the house for our garden. lots more sun. i began dismantling the boutique garden last summer. the fence is gone. the two raised beds from inside the fence are now in our garden full of growing garlic and onions. here is a picture of one of those beds being delivered to its new site. sideways in the trailer.

today we moved one of the raised beds from outside the fenced boutique garden. these beds, with screened covers, won't fit in the trailer upright, i made a plywood platform for them so i don't have to cut the uprights. since the plan is for these two beds to have sunsrceen mesh on the roof so we can grow chard and broccoli and such here in the summer, i want to keep the roof structure.

here is how we moved the second bed. the first was a learning experience. not as neat.

here is my jury-rigged jack. the plan is to raise the bed enough for the 2x6 crosspiece to rest on the sawhorses.

here is the thing with the trailer under it.

ready to unload at its new location.

 both new beds in place. strawberries in the foreground. more about them later.



  1. How are you gonna keep the deer, etc., away?

  2. I have to admire you all. And a little envy, too. Down here in NW Georgia we have a good growing season, and reasonably good soil (even on the mountain), but no good place to put a garden. Plus a full complement of deer, raccoons and possums to sidle up to the buffet.

  3. Such a moving post and video.

  4. Well now, aren't you clever. I have been thinking shade cloth also this year. Not so much for cool weather plants as to just fight the 100 plus temps we have had the past few summers.

  5. We have a six-foot fence around the entire garden area. The deer have not gotten in, but we have had raccoons, skunks, and a bear. The bear did the most damage to the fence.

    When we were in Port Townsend, WA we added things to the top of the fence to keep the deer out. Here's what that looked like. It worked quite well.

  6. I wonder if it wouldn't have been easier to recruit a bunch of strong guys and serve them pizza and beer--after the move, of course.

  7. Well, there's "easier" and there's "more satisfying." This way, we get to see a video of the very handsome Roger in action. This girl ain't complainin'!