Wednesday, April 10, 2013


When I think of spring, I always think of yellow. The daffodils come first, quickly followed by the forsythia. Such a welcomed burst of color after the grays and browns of winter. Soon after though what I look forward to is this yellow blossom on the native yellow star tulip that blooms in our yard.

But there are subtle colors as well, like these light green new leaves on the hillside trees,
and the beautiful camouflage on this grasshopper, blending so well in the wood chips and weeds.

On the still-bare stems of last year's flowers and grasses it's easy to spot the rainbow reds and yellows on the back of this jumping spider. A truly dazzling little bundle of color.

And, if you look really carefully you'll see the lovely blue spots on this lizard. I first saw this guy doing push-ups on the Buddha's head. I thought to myself, there must be a profound lesson in this I'm sure, but I have no idea what it is. I just loved it and laughed out loud.

PS-- Bonsai is hanging in there in what we are sure is the ninth of his nine lives. He is a tired old kitty cat, but still enjoys a good bite of food and some water everyday.


  1. Great spring color. I really love the spring green of the new leaves - and ours are showing up rapidly. The pear trees and forsythia are already bloomed out, the cherries and red-buds are in full bloom and all the hardwoods are showing yellow-green. I love it.

  2. Thank you for a much needed encouraging post today. We can't be far behind...

  3. oh! oh! I know was the profound meaning is. It is to laugh and be in the moment! What a great photo of mr. or ms. lizard on Buddha's head.

    I used to have a large Buddha head and every Christmas would put an elf hat (complete with ears) on it.

  4. Love those photos! Especially the Buddha!

  5. i love the image of lizard doing pushups on Buddha head. Delightfully hilarious. Thanks. We are having a snow storm in my world. Ground is still frozen. Gardening is still just a dream.

  6. i need the colors of spring, too, and am so starved for color this time of year that i find myself standing in the spring rains each day, searching the gardens for emerging treats. right now i am tracking the yellow and purple magnolias, the azaleas, and the tulips. within a week color will be sprinkled throughout the gardens. nice pics; love the buddha.

  7. Nice post.

    I understand the push up thing is a warning to you to get out of his territory. On the Buddha, though? Not sure.

  8. Nice stuff. I like the lizard. We have (or used to have) lots of lizards up on our mountain, so many in fact that for a while I thought we should name our little place in honor of them. Unfortunately, one of our cats like to kill the lizards, so we don't have as many now.

    And, speaking of cats, the fact that yours still has an appetite is encouraging.

  9. Lovely colors. Glad to hear Bonsai is eating and hanging in there. Eating and pooping are always good signs.

  10. Robin Andrea: Good luck with Bonsai; I hope that the cat's eating irises was the only problem, not something worse.

    Not to quibble, but I think the term you mean with regard to the tulip is "species tulip," not "native." Tulips are native to Asia Minor; I don't think that there are any native tulips in North America.

    Now that the cold seems to have moved on, spring is moving apace here in the northern Piedmont--at last. In fact, it was 86 degrees here yesterday (Wednesday)--a real fluke, to be sure. Our high should be 61.

  11. Yeah,nice to see evidence of sun and warmth. We got skunked this week with wintry weather.
    I thought that sweet tulip looked like a mariposa lily! They are in the same family.nge