Monday, April 01, 2013


we like to look back through this blog to see what and how and when we did garden things.

here are our recently moved raised beds, the ones with the with wire mesh covers, which will support shade cloth in the summer to protect the kale and chard we just planted. visible also are a low bed of strawberries, two raised beds with garlic, another raised bed with garlic and onions, some chives and beets in the nearest bed, and onion flowers and carrots off to the lower right.

seedlings in our recently moved raised beds. kale and red chard.

bush sugar peas


  1. Your garden is looking good. I'm surprised to see so much growing there so early in April. I planted a flowering quince in one of the planters on my porch this weekend. The weather has warmed up considerably.

  2. The raised beds are terrific; they look so neat and I know they will make ti easier to weed and pick veggies. Good for you!

  3. That looks nice. It makes me want to do some gardening.

  4. much work going on in the garden! I love it.

  5. Now that is some fine looking gardens. I do like your shade cloth idea and will adopt it here. Thanks for the idea.

  6. You guys are way ahead of us, temperature-wise. We've only had a couple of nights where it didn't go below freezing this year. Spring is much, much later than it was last year.

    Your garden always is a treat to watch growing...and then the mouth-watering photos of your harvest and the wonderful recipes that find their way onto the blog....