Sunday, May 05, 2013

Blue-headed Mallard

We came upon this lone mallard on Sunday. Not only was it alone, it seemed lonely. How could we surmise such a thing? We completely anthropomorphized, that's how! Actually, it was quite unenthusiastically moving around in circles in the reservoir. I was hoping that it was just taking a little time away from the nest, and that Mrs. Mallard was tending to the eggs. I photographed it from quite a distance. There was something about it that just seemed different or odd.

When I downloaded pics, I saw this mallard had a distinctly dark blue head. It was quite beautiful, but also not the color of male mallards we are all accustomed to seeing. I read a little about why this bird's head might be blue, and one answer said that it could be a young male with not quite enough testosterone.

Well, that might explain some of the loneliness. I'm really glad I took its photo. Google has quite a few good photos if you want to see some excellent close-ups.


  1. He is a handsome boy! Have never seen one with a blue head so thanks for the lesson.

  2. Just like Picasso, he must be in his "blue period."


  3. Great pics. I love the ripples in the water and the blue head. He's quite handsome.

  4. As handsome as he is in puberty, I am sure he will do quite well as a breeding adult. Nice shots.

  5. Lovely blue head. I'm sure he will grow up to be Prince Charming.