Thursday, June 27, 2013

Weather Report

 We had rain! It's true. It rained in California at the end of June, in official summertime.
We know that's crazy talk, but it is the crazy truth. We had almost three inches of it.
It was simultaneously bleak and beautiful for two days.
And, when it was over, there were iridescent clouds forming and disappearing like ecstatic mirages in the sky.
Now we're back to heatwave hot temps.
Blue skies without end.
No rain in the forecast.


  1. It's been a rainy June here, but on the sunny days I've been looking for the iridescent clouds that I never consciously noticed up here until you began to post about them.

    Lovely new cloud photos! I remember clearly what that summer heat feels like.

  2. Beautiful photos. We have had more than our share of rain this spring and summer.

  3. I remember that crazy May snow storm you had! Aye! The rain was great, we sure needed it. Everything smelled so good. Not looking forward to the next week of high temps....good thing your garden is on automatic sprinklers. Perhaps you should run through them a time or two.

  4. Looks as though we're going to be dry for a while too, but the temps are going to get more reasonable.

    Beautiful cloud pictures!

  5. We're in a typical summertime pattern down here in Georgia. It's oppressively humid all the time, but unless you happen to be under a thunderstorm, you get no rain. This is the weather that makes me look forward to fall.

  6. Three inches will help. Here's hoping for more.

  7. So glad you got rain. I fear drought more than any other of Nature's weapons.
    We hit the 100 plus but hopefully it will cool down to the 90's. I can do 90's--- 100+ is a bit much.

  8. We hit the mid 80's which is HOT for us in Alaska. But it's been an awesome summer so far!