Sunday, July 21, 2013


This is a card that Dave Van Ronk signed more than a decade ago. Roger had heard on his favorite radio station that the "Mayor of MacDougal Street" was quite ill and in need of some financial assistance. We were glad to send something his way. We didn't expect to get this wonderful card in the mail. We saved it all these years. We did "misplace" it a few years ago during one of our many moves, but found it again just the other day while cleaning out the old filing cabinet. We literally had not looked in that thing since we left Port Townsend in 2008. We put the card in a little frame, and now it sits on Roger's dresser.

I photographed the card today because we both feel such gratitude for your comments and support in our never-ending quandary about where to live. I feel like we're trying to stay one step ahead of the global climate change models and choose the right place for enough water and sunlight until the end of our days. It's a serious decision. The future looks so dire and so HOT. It may be that we are being overly influenced by this endless heatwave, but the endless rain in the southeast fills us with foreboding as well.

That's why we thank you for your thoughtful and considered comments. We appreciate it and will probably ask again as we begin to search for our future.


  1. what a cool card he made for you! Just like you and Roger to help a fellow traveler...not surprised in the least.

    It will be interesting to see where you land in a year's time. I'll come and visit where ever it is!

  2. Fascinating the way things connect up and how we all can help each other, sometimes without even knowing it. Dave van Ronk's gratitude is still resonating. Wow!

    "When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the universe." (John Muir 1838-1941)

  3. How neat that he sent it and that you kept it. Now it has a good place to rest.
    I do so hope you find your perfect place. Right now, I am living in it. Welcome and needed showers, 71 degrees, and windows open. This time last year it was 111 and I was housebound. It is all mind boggling.

  4. Indeed, the future does look so dire and so HOT! I've never been a fan of summer (OK--maybe when I was in school and looked forward to summer vacation), but since then I've usually just found it to be miserable. Keep us all posted as you contemplate your future; we're enjoying your ruminations vicariously.

  5. I never thought I would be just as happy to be growing old. But when I think of what likely lies ahead for future generations, I'll be ready to step aside. Like you I hope for enough sun and rain to last my remaining years.

    I love the card and the actions that prompted it.

  6. Good luck on your search! We are very lucky to live in a part of California where it is almost always mild. Having said that, there is no doubt that things are changing. What scares me the most is how much severe weather there is these days.