Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Like Clockwork

We know when it will happen. It's why it's called fire season. Last year we had the Robbers Fire, this year we have the American Fire. This year's blaze is in the same general area as last year, east of us about 20 miles. As of this writing it is over 1900 3050 4958 7367 11,949 12,950 acres, and 45% contained on 8/18.
I first smelled smoke early Sunday morning. The fire was small then at 15 acres. By Monday our skies had grayed with smoke, and the fire had grown to 800 acres. Tuesday morning the smell of smoke was everywhere, even in the house. The morning sunlight filtered through the smoky trees, reminding me of fog.
We went for a walk up to the Three Horse Meadow (which is now probably Two Horse Meadow, since we haven't seen the large pale horse for about a year). There's a pretty good view east from there. This is what it looked like.
All day, all day the tankers fly over the yard, every half hour heading east. It's like clockwork, this fire, this tanker, this fire season.


  1. We've had some fires near Fairbanks burning since May. Smoke is so heavy in Fairbanks, they've canceled some school sports activities. Our fire season usually dies down about this time of year, but has picked up.

  2. Yes, the western fires do follow some annual and ancient timepiece. My mom (born and raised in California) used to talk about the annual fire seasons of her youth in the 1920s. Back then, all they could do was let them burn themselves out.

  3. I do fear droughts and fires. When I lived in Florida, both were too often regular events.
    I am so sorry that the fires are that close to you and the quality of air you having to put up with. Hoping your fire season is short this year.
    Wish I could send you some of our water. It has rained one to two inches each day for about two weeks.

  4. Twenty miles is TOO CLOSE!!! Like Patti, I wish I could share some of our rain. Stay safe, blogger buddies. We're sending up positive thoughts for all of you.

  5. Some sources are saying that the Western fire season is already longer than in the past because global warming has made the growing season longer.

  6. Fire season in the Sierras is always a nervous time, but downright scary when a wildfire starts, even if it's 20 miles or more away. You're both in my thoughts. I hope the wind changes soon and the air can clear, but I just heard that thunderstorms are forecast for the mountains (and maybe the valley) from Sunday into next week. Wishing you the best...

  7. I'm sorry this is happening so close to you. Every year...

    You know what we've been going through down here and a day doesn't pass that a new fire hasn't started. We drove through the Chariot fire area today. I'm not sure if you saw my post about it. We were the first civilians allowed in the burn area and it was devastating. Today, we were AMAZED at how new green growth is already poking it's head through the ashes.