Sunday, October 27, 2013

A Change In The Weather

It was bound to happen. These beautiful fall days are about to draw to a chilling end Sunday night. The daytime temps have been in the high 70s and low 80s for the month, but tonight it is supposed to drop down to 36 degrees and tomorrow's high is forecast to be 50 and rainy. That is quite a dramatic change, one that would have startled these deliciously ripe tomatoes out there on their warm and comfy vines. So we harvested them, and the last of the butternut squash out there. We have already made and frozen enough tomato sauce to last until next year's harvest, but we can't bear to let these beauties go to waste. So, Monday's project is more sauce.

We still have zinnias blooming in the yard, and all the bees, butterflies, and praying mantises have found their way to them. There's drama on the flower tops, and camouflage in the leaves. Soon all of this will be gone, including the zinnias. The colors are leaving. The leaves are falling. Winter's closing in.


  1. Changed here alright, we are due some serious winds tonight

  2. Your last sentence is part of the lyrics to Joni Mitchell's song "Urge for Going" : "And I get the urge for going,
    When the meadow grass is turnin' brown,
    All my empires are burnin down,
    Winter's closing in..."
    What a sweet sad poetic song.
    And what gorgeous tomatoes yahoo had there!

  3. Bill-- I read about the big storm headed to the UK. I hope all is okay where you are.

    isabelita-- You got it! We love that song and listen to it quite often. We have three versions: Joni Mitchell's; Tom Rush; and Dave Van Ronk. We do get that urge for going. Wish you were our neighbors, we would have given you a pile of tomatoes today!

  4. I am not one bit happy about it either. I much prefer warmth to cold.

  5. I'd be happy to take some of that tom sauce off your hands.....
    my asthma is kicking up with the wind blowing the fallen leaves and dirt. Great. This is how my fall usually begins....

  6. We had our first frost here in low-lying areas on Saturday morning, but my garden, just 2 feet higher than the surrounding landscape, has been spared so far, so I still have basil to harvest. Our tree leaves are changing, but the colors are distinctly muted and uninspiring this year here in the northern Piedmont.

  7. Those tomatoes look delicious.

    We had some cold weather last week, but it's warming up a little now. But it's only temporary.

  8. kenju-- I actually prefer cooler temps to hot summer temps, but there's something about watching it arrive that makes me already miss the long sunlit days.

    tara-- Yes, we'll have to get some of this sauce to you. Of course, you could drive up and pick a bunch of tomatoes too! Sorry to hear about your asthma. Oy.

    Scott-- We haven't had a frost yet, but we did get 1/3 of an inch of rain last night. We're always glad to have that on our poor drought hardened earth. We're actually getting some nice color here. I'm always surprised to see fall color in California.

    Mark-- We have tomatoes with EVERY meal. We haven't gotten tired of it yet! Our temps are supposed to back up by Friday. But winter is definitely on its way.

  9. Those tomatoes were ready and look great. I had one butternut left on the vine that was a tad green when the frost hit here this week. Hopefully I can ripen it off the vine. We gardeners lament the end of growing season don't we but at least weeding has also come to an end. Now for the long wait to spring.

  10. Arkansas Patti-- Our future is filled with tomato sauce! Good thing we like it because that's what we're going to be having. Love butternut squash too. There is a certain sadness as winter approaches. The season of hibernation and indoor living. It's the best part of having a woodstove!

  11. Love the colors of fall, especially those flowers that hold on to the last.

    1. am-- We look at those flowers for as long as we can, knowing that soon there will be none.

  12. It also changed here! Of course, I live on the SoCal coast so the only real change was that the days got shorter. Mild mild mild, always mild...

  13. Pat-- Mild is so lovely in winter. When I think about the next couple of months here, I notice some trepidation in myself. Something about being snowed in doesn't really seem all the inviting.