Tuesday, December 31, 2013

End Of December Photos

Thought we'd end December with some photos we hadn't posted on the blog yet.

Just a hint of cirumzenithal and supralateral arcs

A bit of iridescents and a starry, starry sun

The best use of the satellite dish with atmospheric corona

Cooper's hawk hunting the yard
"The Dharma Bums put out delicious birdseed, and they don't mind if you eat it."


  1. Hoping that the beginning of January and the rest of 2014 brings happiness, health and more fine photos. Take care.

  2. Nice back yard photos. Happy New Year

  3. Love your skies and yard residents. Both a joy to see.
    Hope 2014 brings you more such sights plus good health, a happy heart and the answer to your search.

  4. Nice images (as always) and a great new banner image, too! Bravo! I hope you and Roger have a great new year, Robin Andrea; you both deserve it (your heads are in the right place)!

  5. Exceptional images, as always! Here's to a wonderful new year for both of you!

  6. John-- Happy New Year to you, and all the best for 2014!

    Bill-- Glad you liked the pics. Happy New Year to you too!

    Arkansas Patti-- Wishing you a wonderful 2014 as well.

    Scott-- Glad you liked the pics and the new header. We're looking forward to waving good bye to 2013. Hope you and Kali have a great new year.

    John-- Thank you for your kind words. Happy New Year to you too!

  7. May the next year be another wonderful one for you guys.
    Cheers from Seattle.

  8. I can't tell you how much happiness you guys bring. Wherever I am in the world (and that is a lot of places, though I am tired from all the movement), I always check in here and I am always nourished for having done so.

    I particularly love the deer photo and the secret exchanged. It's safe with me. As are they. As are you.

    Thank you and HNY. May it be better, in spite of what the politicians and corporations are doing!

    1. love your reply. they DO bring great happiness, don't they?

  9. That is a fine use of a satellite dish you have up there! Each of the sky photos is an interesting compositions in its own right, but the subject matter knocks them out of the park.
    The coopers hawk...oh, my! I want to reach my hand out and stroke his/her back. The red eye is arresting. Supposedly we have them around here, but I don't know that I've ever seen one. Are they somewhat smaller than, say, a redtail?
    The deer photo is perfect with that caption! I am so grateful you took the time to go through you photos and show us these gems.
    Have a very happy New Year!

  10. isabelita-- Happy New Year to you and Phil. Wishing you both a great year too!

    livingdharma-- Thank you so much for checking in on us from around the world. The thought of that makes me smile so much. It's wonderful. A very happy new year to you too.

    CCorax-- Glad you like these pics. I didn't do much photography in December. Time spent on the road and down in southern California at my mom's. Not the most inspiring stuff.

    Cooper's hawks have red eyes when they are adults, juveniles have yellow eyes. They are smaller than Red-tailed hawks, and most often confused with Sharp-shinned. They hunt birds, which is why they swoop low into our yard, looking for the ground-feeders.

    Happy New Year to you too!

  11. Thank you for helping me to love the sky even more than I already did. Love the deer whispering to the other. Love seeing the iridescence reflection photo at the top of your blog. Kind wishes for 2014 and always.

  12. am-- I'm glad I could help you love the sky more. The two websites that inspire me are: Atmospheric Optics and The Cloud Appreciation Society. I love knowing that people all around the world look up everyday in awe.

    Kind wishes for a good 2014 to you too.

  13. oh yes, on the new header. love it. thank you for the December wrap-up. Your attention to the world around you has its own rewards for you, and many more rewards for your lucky and grateful readers. I know you worry about the world, but in the mean time you are chronicling the splendors of our natural world so beautifully.

  14. Tara-- Our beautiful planet inspires me everyday. Thank you for your kind words.

  15. I sure love those pictures. The rainbow on the satellite dish is fantastic. Forget my comment about not being able to comment on your blog. I guess I just needed to stay signed in! :)

  16. oldwhitelady-- So happy to see you here. It's been a long time. Glad you liked the pics!

  17. Oh oh! Once the word gets on the free birdseed, you'll have the whole heard there.
    Very nice photos! You get to see a lot of nature there.

  18. Pat-- The deer love us. I am rather fond of them as well. I have to make myself not go out and scatter food for them. It's a tough dry year.