Wednesday, May 28, 2014

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Almost Wordless Wednesday: Fossil Heart

"Vertebrate, invertebrate, and trace fossil materials are visible in outcrops and in deposits on the beach. Additional material may be visible periodically where tides are exceptionally low and/or sand/algae cover has been temporarily removed."

Monday, May 19, 2014

Four Days At The Coast

We spent four days at the coast. It coincided with an unusual heatwave there with temps in the 90s. We did get out for a few nice walks, and on Friday May 16th there was a fantastic minus tide.
Heading toward New Brighton Beach
The low was a -1.2 at 6:28 am, so we headed out at 7:15 and walked to New Brighton Beach. We hadn't seen a tide that low in a couple of years. It was grand.
Heading back to Capitola
After the walk, Roger and my twin brother rented kayaks and paddled out to the kelp beds. They had a fantastic time. The bay was accommodatingly calm and the temps were mild and comfortable. I stayed on the wharf and watched them go, photographing them, and enjoying their adventure vicariously.
On one of the very hot days, there was a stunning 22 degree halo around the sun. It had a lower arc of some sort that was quite beautiful. Anyone out there know what this is, a circumhorizontal arc?
Then, because the sky always has to blow my mind, a fantastic parhelic circle formed. It's so good to know and trust that amazing skies happen everywhere, if you don't mind straining your neck every few minutes to take a look.
There was a full moon on May 14th. I photographed it rising above the bay. Roger's daughter Indigo gave birth to our grand-daughter Luna Faye at 10:07 pm that night. She's our beautiful full moon grand-daughter.

Skyping with Indigo and Luna Faye, and Elena holding Ian
Just four days away and so much happened!

Monday, May 12, 2014

We Bend Our Rules

For the third year in a row, a robin is building a nest in our little backyard maple tree
We don't believe that life teaches us lessons by design. There is no greater power guiding us to make choices. We just wake up every morning and live our lives. So, Friday dawned like any other morning. There was a planned house showing between 1:00 and 2:00 that afternoon. The agent had called the day before and arranged it, just like we had asked. The house looked beautiful. We went to the co-op while the prospective buyers walked through and took a look around.

We came home after shopping and talked about taking a trip over to the coast for a few days so we could just rest easily while agents and buyers come and go and come and go. It was a plan that we both liked very much. My birthday is Tuesday, May 13th and if we headed to the coast, we could see my twin brother and celebrate our birthdays together. We've been doing that for the past couple of years, either here in the foothills, or there at the coast. So, Roger and I made the plan to go on Monday.

Friday afternoon at 4:30, the phone rang, and lovely voice said, "Hello Robin, my name is Lilyana, and I would like to show your house this evening." I said, "Oh so sorry to tell you that that won't work. We'll be home, cooking dinner, and not really ready to have the house shown. How about tomorrow?" She said, "My client is an ICU nurse. She's pregnant with her first child. She has a long shift on Saturday, and Sunday is Mother's Day, and we're all busy that day. This evening is the only time she can come." I said, "Let me talk to Roger. Give me ten minutes, and call us back."

There was something about an ICU nurse having her first baby that tugged at us. We live in an area populated with retired people. It's partly why we feel comfortable asking for 24 hour notice. Lots of people here have plenty of time on their hands. A hard-working nurse with a busy schedule, how could we ask her to wait or not come at all? That just didn't seem right. So, we bent our rules. We let her and her husband come that evening. We stayed home and met them. We fell in love with them, and they fell in love with our house.

Saturday morning we received the call that they had made an offer on the house. We accepted it. We are in ESCROW! There will be appraisals and inspections, well and septic tests in the next few days. Much can happen, but for now in the moment, we're dizzily excited and nervously happy about a new future for us, and for that beautiful young couple who will bring new life and energy here.

So, we will be driving to the coast on my 62nd birthday and seeing my twin brother and his wife. Reminds me of their visit to see us in 2011 on our birthday. Michael built a snowman on our deck. This year the temp is going to be 88 F (31 C).  Interesting times we are living in, such interesting times.

Monday, May 05, 2014

Curmudgeons Live Here

I'm finally starting to feel a little bit better. That virus really knocked me down and dragged me around for two weeks. But on Monday I was able to do some domestic chores, those simple pleasures of washing, drying and folding laundry. I even made some yummy Indian food Sunday night. I'm beginning to feel like my old self again. Although, those few chores did tire me out considerably. I'm on my way to health and curmudgeon land.

Why curmudgeon? Well, have you ever had your house on the market while you are still living in it? We listed our house last week. The sign outside says, SHOWN BY APPOINTMENT ONLY.  The listing says sellers want 24 hour notice. It's been on the market for five days, and three agents have called and asked if they can come RIGHT NOW to show their clients. The curmudgeons who live here, we the sellers, say NO.

Some might interpret our NO as an announcement that we are not motivated sellers. But that's not what we are announcing at all. We are screaming that curmudgeons live here and want buyers to just respect the boundaries that they have drawn. Is that really too much to ask? We like our space. We like our privacy. We like the house to be shown at its very best. We live here. It's not antiseptically pristine 24/7. We actually cook and make a mess. Oil spatters on the stove. Toast crumbs are left on the cutting board. The dish drain is full. Why would we want someone to come at a moment's notice? It makes no sense.

When we do have prospective buyers come in to look at the house, I always put out photos of the yard in different seasons. I think it's interesting that people only get to see a house once or twice before they decide if they want it. I want them to see the spring yard full of daffodils, the summer garden with corn ten feet tall, the fall maples with their mind-blowing orange leaves, the winter deck covered in snow and the sun rising low in the trees.  I guess that's not very curmudgeonly of me at all. It probably wouldn't interest them to see this video, but it's one of the sights I watched from bed last week when I was sick. I grabbed the camera and tried to capture the amazing colors. It's the morning light making rainbows in the strands of spider webs crossing the yard. I think it's a major selling point, but that's just me. LOL!