Monday, May 19, 2014

Four Days At The Coast

We spent four days at the coast. It coincided with an unusual heatwave there with temps in the 90s. We did get out for a few nice walks, and on Friday May 16th there was a fantastic minus tide.
Heading toward New Brighton Beach
The low was a -1.2 at 6:28 am, so we headed out at 7:15 and walked to New Brighton Beach. We hadn't seen a tide that low in a couple of years. It was grand.
Heading back to Capitola
After the walk, Roger and my twin brother rented kayaks and paddled out to the kelp beds. They had a fantastic time. The bay was accommodatingly calm and the temps were mild and comfortable. I stayed on the wharf and watched them go, photographing them, and enjoying their adventure vicariously.
On one of the very hot days, there was a stunning 22 degree halo around the sun. It had a lower arc of some sort that was quite beautiful. Anyone out there know what this is, a circumhorizontal arc?
Then, because the sky always has to blow my mind, a fantastic parhelic circle formed. It's so good to know and trust that amazing skies happen everywhere, if you don't mind straining your neck every few minutes to take a look.
There was a full moon on May 14th. I photographed it rising above the bay. Roger's daughter Indigo gave birth to our grand-daughter Luna Faye at 10:07 pm that night. She's our beautiful full moon grand-daughter.

Skyping with Indigo and Luna Faye, and Elena holding Ian
Just four days away and so much happened!


  1. Nice pics and a gorgeous (no doubt) new full- moon baby! I was born at the new moon, though I was expected at the full (or so I'm told.)

  2. Great photos. Congrats on the new grandchild. I always enjoy beach photos

  3. What an exciting four days! Baby Luna. What a blessing. I love the name.

  4. Four days at the beach, a birthday, a new grandchild, your house in have a crazy schedule! I bet you love it, though! Congratulations on all positive things for the two of you.

  5. stunning photos, robin! sounds like great fun on the coast. so much is happening in your life right now. love luna's name! one day you'll have to share the image of "her" special birth rmoon with her! it's nice that these last 2 cousins will be so close in age. where will you guys be while you're house hunting? i don't envy you the big move. sometimes i think i am just too old to do another one.

  6. I'm smiling at every detail of this post.

  7. kenju-- Interesting info about the moon and your day of birth. I love knowing stuff like that.

    Rain-- Glad you liked the photos. There is something about the ocean that is very inspiring to me, which is why I'm glad that we are heading back.

    NCMountainwoman-- We love the name Luna Faye too. I can't wait to send her the photo of the moon on night she was born.

    John-- Yes, we do have a crazy schedule. We're a little bit frazzled by all of it at the moment, but looking forward to having things unfold. Thank you for your good thoughts.

    Sky-- Thank you so much. Yes, I do plan to send her a photo of the moon. I really can't wait! There are three cousins right now. Elena has Delilah who is 2 1/2 and Ian who is 3 months. Indigo has Luna Faye. Delilah would have been in the photo, but she was off getting a little shirt to put on her head! We're planning on heading up to Arcata in Humboldt County.

    Yankee Transferred-- Glad you liked this post! Thank you for stopping by, it's been a while since we heard from you here. We appreciate it!

  8. Sweet that your new granddaughter was born during the full moon. My nephew was born during the full moon in January of 1993. He will become a father any day now. The baby was due on Mother's Day, and then I thought maybe the baby would come with the full moon. Maybe the baby will be share a birthday with Bob Dylan on May 24. My nephew was born 12 days beyond his due date.

    Splendid Skype photo of the daughters and their babies! Especially liked the photo of Roger and your brother kayaking on the ocean. Looking forward to your photos from Humboldt County.

  9. Sea, sky and little ones - what more could one want!

  10. Great photos, and crongraulations on being grandparents

  11. Wow! Lots of stuff and great stuff to boot. You have an eye for the sky.

  12. am-- I hope you'll keep us posted about your nephew's baby. Every day makes a great birth-day!

    John-- That's pretty much how we see it too!

    Bill-- Thank you, glad you liked the pics too!

    Mark P-- It really was a busy time and way too hot to really get out there. Glad I took a peek at the sky. Always love a good halo and surprises.

  13. Beautiful moms and babies, so exciting. The beach looks like it was just the ticket. I'm very happy that your plan is taking shape... Onward, to the emerald triangle! xo

  14. I am joining the Luna bandwagon. Love that name. You all are really on a roll right now and hope it lasts a long time.
    Envious of Roger and your brother in the kayaks.
    I think you have special skies. I never see the things you see and I do look up a lot.

  15. Annie-- It was such a joy to Skpye with the kids and grand-kids. We do love a good minus-tide walk. One of our favorite things to do. Yes to the emerald triangle!

    Arkansas Patti-- Luna is such a great name. We were delighted to be introduced to her. It was very exciting for Michael and Roger to take those kayaks out. Michael lives only a few blocks away, so he plans to do it more often. I don't think we have special skies here, I just do a lot of obsessive looking up!

  16. A Luna baby! How wonderful is that? And I saw that moon- I was up about 530am and it was on the western horizon and I took a picture! I love that you had a get away with such beautiful skies.

  17. Congratulations on the new addition to the family!
    Luna...I love that name.
    Nice photos also...

  18. amarkonmywall-- It was quite a lovely moon. I saw it referred to as the flower moon. Now we have a beautiful grand-daughter to remember the night.

    Pat-- We love the name Luna too. It's really so perfect. Thank you for your good wishes.

  19. That sunset photo is terrific! Congratulations on the grandchild.

  20. Phil-- Glad you liked the photo, and thanks so much for the good wishes.

  21. What an excellent trip! And mazel tov on the newest member of the family!

    Best to you and Roger with the big move. xoxo